Details and Questions When Booking A Session 


This is a great question!! Sessions depending on the extent of the Session that took place, Family/ Senior will take between 2-4 weeks. Weddings are more extensive and will take 8-12 Weeks and possibly more depending on Collection purchased. Turn around times are subject to change due to work load.

Influencers/Bloggers turnaround times are subject to 4-7 Business Days Depending on Scope of Project.
We do not Edit on the weekends. Faster Turn around Fees do apply. Next Day $100 Fee, 2 Days $75 Fee, 3 Days $50 Fee.
 If client receives the images sooner by my personal choice there will not be a fee administered.


Yes I edit my images and do NOT give RAW images. I do NOT give every image that is photographed the day of your session, the BEST images are chosen from the large amount of images taken during your session. My style is clean classic imagery . It's always great to view the website to see if our styles are compatible , every artist and individual have different styles and that's why I love the art of photography you can showcase what represents you.

Influencers/Bloggers if you have a certain preset or style please email the preset or discuss in detail how you prefer your imagery.


Yes, I do offer Clients the option to purchase Flash Drives/ USB with Print Release. I do not do Discs. Flash Drives are an additional fee. I do NOT prefer this option for printing.  When paying for a professional photographer I want my clients to get the very best with professional prints. When you book a Photography Session you receive and Online Gallery that is linked to a High End Professional Printing Company that provides the best quality for your images. We personally place orders and all the prints and products through this Company and am pleased every time of the turn around time and the quality of the printed products. We  do NOT provide tech support when purchasing a Flash Drive with print release. You will receive images in jpeg format with high resolution.


A Print/Use Release is a privilege given to Clients to choose their own location to print their images or use for the Blogs. Audrie Dollins highly recommends clients to order prints and products from their online professional gallery but provides a Print/Use Release as an option for my clients. The Print Release will read as follows;

This Release gives restrictive permission to Audrie Dollins' Clients to reproduce, display, distribute, and or use the copyrighted photographic material for personal use ONLY. You may NOT distribute, duplicate, and/or use the copyrighted material for advertising and or commercial use without specific written permission from Audrie Dollins. You may not edit, modify, or create derivative works of the copyrighted material without citation to the originator of the material. Please note that the Print Release only grants permission to Print or Use on Social Media outlets and or Blogs Only. Copyright ownership remains with the Photographer.

When Client chooses to use own Printing Company and Print Release Option the client takes full responsibility of downloaded files & USB Drives if purchased.  

When client is a professional Influencer/Blogger that is used in the Sole Purpose for content posted to their Blog or Social Media outlets. Audrie Dollins will not provide technical assistance with files for printing when not printing through your Online Gallery or through Audrie Dollins directly.

Third parties using imagery from a collaboration must receive written consent as well as give Audrie Dollins image credit. Upon discussion of image use image fees and use will apply. 


You will receive your final edited images via your provided email address in a Professional Online Gallery. This Gallery will be where you will download your images using your pin number that is included in your initial email. Audrie Dollins does allow download and a Print Release but Highly Recommends Clients to purchase the Higher Quality of Print & Products available for additional fees linked to your gallery.


You must tag Audrie Dollins and give photography credit in All Images posted on Social Media Outlets + Blogs as this is in violation of copyright laws unless otherwise stated or give permission by Audrie Dollins. 

Photographs created by Audrie Dollins are copyright protected. It is a violation of Federal copyright law to copy, reproduce, reprint, duplicate, digitally reproduce, copy , or scan, without the written consent of Audrie Dollins. The Client agrees to purchase prints and products directly from their Gallery . If client is in possession of Downloadable Images, USB Drive with Print Release DOES NOT have permission to alter images in any way.

Audrie Dollins has the right to use the client’s photographs for the purpose of copyright, display, portfolio, advertisements, promotions, competitions and review, and any lawful purpose if necessary. Clients understand that their photographs will be used with good judgement and taste. Clients will receive NO compensation for the use of their photographs. Images will not be shared publicly per client’s request and or given a publishing date. 


If a business, brand, company, website or any other third party outside of your photographer or yourself wishes to use your photos, please contact us and we'll either share or sell the photos to the interested party depending the circumstance. Sharing photos without the consent of the photographer is a breach of copyright laws.

Cancellation Policy For INFLUENCERS only

A cancelation within 24 hours of Session is a fee of a one Hour Session of $199+ Tax
The Schedule is carefully planned on locations, to properly give quick turn around times for requested campaigns. If client cancels in a last minute manner this causes strains on other clients who weren't not able to schedule for your time slot, as well as , put a hole in the schedule causing me to bump up and move other clients, in an unprofessional manner. We know emergencies arise but please plan accordingly.


All Transactions Are Subject To PayPal Invoice Where You May Pay Accordingly.
If you Pay With Cash Or Check Please Note: We will Create Invoice and submit payment documentation accordingly.

2023 Schedule & Booking Details


The following policies have been established to allow us to operate in a consistent and efficient manner. Your familiarity with these policies is important and will help insure a very memorable experience. More policies and guidelines may be implemented at anytime depending on scope of work or requests by the client and will be submitted in writing accordingly. 

By completing the submission form below you have read and agreed to such policies. That you are aware that clerical policies such as hours of operation and holiday availability are subject to change but All Copyright Laws are non negotiable without written consent. 

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