Collaborations + PR Management

Email/ Newsletter Marketing 

Blog Curation

Monetization Management

Social Media Planning 

Website Design/Maintenance 


Content Calendar Curation

  • Curate & Update Media + Rate Kit
  • Brand List Curation
  • Liaison For Client + Brands
  • Collaboration Negotiation
  • Handling of Deliverables 
  • Curate & Design Email Layout 
  • Design & Embed Newsletter Pop Up
  • Update & Segment Newsletter Subscribers
  • Link & Correlate & Update Verbiage to Current Details & Happenings
  • Monetized Links
  • Correlating Newsletter details
  • Collage Curation
  • Correlating Instagram Graphics 
  • Correlating Pinterest Pin Graphic 
  • Additional 30 LTK Posts Per Week
  • Collage Linking
  • Scheduling/Tagging
  • Storefront
  • Additional 30 LTK Posts Per Week
  • Collage Linking
  • Scheduling/Tagging
  • Additional 30 LTK Posts Per Week
  • Collage Linking
  • Scheduling/Tagging
  • Linking & Posting 
  • Collage Linking
  • Scheduling/Tagging
LTK Input

pinterest input
Instagram input
Amazon Input
  • Instagram/Reels
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Full Design Adjustments & Functioning Website
  • Subscriber Pop ups
  • Design Elements
  • Color Pallet/Logo Design
  • Plugin Updates

Let's Collaborate! We have a specific department that focuses on handling all collaborations from the initial contact to the confirmation of the deal. You tell us your goals and we strive to help you reach them and work with brands nationally and locally! From the first initial contact with the brand, to the negotiations, to the final step of delegating the deliverables

We layout a detailed and strategy driven calendar that has you prepared for every day, large holidays, events, and collaborations in advance. We take out any guessing and pencil in all of the can't-forget dates to execute a successful online presence .Every Client that works with our team has a content calendar generated. This process is the core of

Not only is building a subscriber list key, delivering content consistently to their inboxes is pertinent. Our email marketing approach has helped our clients increase sales by delivering happy mail on a consistent basis.

Blogging generates SEO and we believe it is a necessity for you to own your
content and elevate your online presence. In a way, your blog serves as your safety net in an ever-changing industry. Our team is here to take care of the details of the blog so you can focus on the big picture.

We stay consistent with product input and linking in order to maximize profit across all of your platforms.

We do not post and pray. We create a consistent call to action with our marketing model that creates routine for you and your audience. You should not and we will not post on any of these platforms without a call to action plan that results in a return to increase sales. 

It's pertinent to keep your website to date with current pricing and the reflection of your business and your services you provide. 

Our preferred structure to get the most digital marketing impact and longevity would be following the AD Media Group Full Structure Collection. This is a consistent marketing process that hits multiple platforms.

  • 1 Blog post per week (4 blogs per month) includes:
  • SEO optimization
  • Monetization widget
  • Pinterest graphic placed at bottom of blogpost
  • 1 Instagram story graphic per blogpost
  • Newsletter:
  • 1 Newsletter per blog post
  • Promoting blog post
  • Updating static content to redirect to socials, blog, LTK, Amazon Storefront, etc. 
  • LTK:
  • All blog images uploaded and products linked on LTK (scheduled or drafted)
  • Use appropriate LTK search keywords
  • Pinterest:
  • Blog images pinned on Pinterest
  • Blog images are pinned on appropriate board, description, title
  • Pins can be scheduled or published live
  • Idea Pin
  • Branded Pinterest Cover
  • Upload all blog images 
  • Tag products
  • Add redirection verbiage to blog/website
  • Google My Business Posting (if business account)
  • Upload blog images to Google My Business
  • Use blog verbiage to caption + title post



IS strategic
IS FOR authentic engagement

An elevated lifestyle approach to marketing that sets you apart from the rest. 

The work is done in a level of professionalism as if I am doing it myself

I can’t thank AD MEDIA GROUP enough for giving me back the most precious resource, time.