Influencer Campaign

These campaigns not only result in brand awareness but also in an increase in sales. If your company is paired with an influencer that genuinely loves your product and can authentically educate their supportive and engaged audience you will find a committed following and consumer base. If this growth can be happy with just one Influencer imagine connecting with many... If we do not have them on our roster we will connect with an Influencer of your choosing.

 Influencer Campaign Management is a hands-on role where marketing and production meet, the manager reaches out to brands for potential collaborations and communicates with the rest of the team to create the maximum effectiveness for the campaign. At AD Media Group we execute these campaigns from start to finish. In regards to brand campaigning management, our team will design a strategy for a seasonal sale, launch, or event and find influencers that fit your marketing and audience criteria. These campaigns not only result in brand awareness, but also in an increase in sales. For influencer campaign management, our approach is similar as we will facilitate your collaboration with the brand from start to finish, all while ensuring maximum effectiveness and communication throughout the process.

I cannot recommend Influencer campaigns more than any service that we offer for brands and influencers! SERIOUSLY!! If you are starting a new business that sells a new concept or product, you will get not only brand awareness but an authentic how-to approach in a quick and fast-turn manner. Which will connect the essence of perfectly curated Influencers/Bloggers that share what makes your business stand out.

We do things differently. Our stand-out approach is to ensure the success of all parties involved and that the goal of campaigns is analytically met upon execution. Our collaborations are not performed on a percentage basis, but at a flat rate—we firmly believe YOU earned every penny behind your partnerships. As the liaison between the brand and Influencer, we assist with various assets for a successful campaign that generates value for both the brand and Influencer. Assets include: curated and regularly updated Media + Rate Kit, Brand List Curation for pitching assets, Collaboration Negotiation, Rate Curation backed by your analytics, and Handling of the Deliverables. 

  • Assist in Establishing Campaign Goal
  • Establish Campaign Budget
  • Generate Influencer Brief for Campaign Deliverables
  • Vet & Contract Influencer Talent
  • Track & Submit Deliverables on Behalf of Influencer Talent
  • Advise Timeline & Distribution of Marketing Deliverables
  • Sales & Campaign Analysis


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Jordyn of Our PNW Home

"I cannot say enough amazing things about the ADMedia team. When I signed on with ADmedia I knew I needed help, and a team to jump in and get to work without much oversight. They knew what needed to be done, and once they took over,I have watched my business in all aspects grow exponentially. From taking over my blog writing to bringing me collaboration opportunities, the team has supported me in more ways than one. I can focus on content creation and being a mom, and let the professionals do what they do best. They have now become part of my family, and I cannot wait to continue to work with them as my business grows. I truly couldn't do it without them."

Holly of Everyday Holly Blog

"I don't know what I would do without the AD Media team! They help me stay organized, focused and help to plan content in a timely and effective manner. They are always professional, friendly, and quick to respond. The AD Media team has taken tasks off my plate so I can focus on creating content and engaging with my audience!"

Jessie (Hera Goddess)

"From the moment I first met the ladies at AD Media, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my brand. The value these women have brought to the table with actual analytics, marketing strategy, creativity and sales promotion has elevated my company to the next level. I trust AD Media with the future and well-being of my business and look forward to all we accomplish together. "

Lauren Hale

"I have loved working with AD Media. Their agency is attentive, organized and creative. I have been working with them for the past 4 months and have increased my social media following, grew an LTK following and have seen a growth in income from both LTK and Amazon. They have gone above and beyond to help me build a newsletter and blog that sounds like me, looks like me and represents who I am. The partnership I have with them, is a true collaboration. I love being a part of the AD Media family! They are amazing!"


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Audrie built a reputable career as a photographer and marketing strategist. My favorite conversations are filled with truth bombs that focus on the grit of Entrepreneurship and the realities of marketing in today’s demand. 

Founder & CEO of AD Media Group, a Professional Photographer, Marketing Strategist, and passionate about Entrepreneurship. 

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