October 5, 2020

My Favorite Lenses

My Top Lenses & How I use Them

Audrie Dollins

My favorite lenses and when I use them! This is so fun! We could spend so much time going back and forth on which camera brand is better Canon, Sony, Nikon and so on. I personally shoot Nikon, and yes there are days I wonder if I would be better shooting Canon. Then I rock out a shoot and I feel affirmation I am using the right brand, but truth be told we are all artists and tools can change. How we interpret it is solely up to us. So with that said, I am going to share with you my favorite lenses and what I use to create imagery.

First and foremost my strategy and look of the session is the key to how I first approach any session when photographing a subject. You have to calculate the brand style. If you are photographing a person/s, product
location matters on how much distance I can put between myself and my client. No matter if I am outside or inside, the lenses I photograph with are similar as far as purpose and results.

YES THESE ARE ALL IN MY ARSON. I even have multiple of some of these as my backup camera, and yes I have backup cameras for my OH SHIT DAYS!

I Shoot With Nikon D850 & if you use the Mirrorless The Nikon Z7 you can purchase the mount to be able to continue to use the lenses you have already invested in. Remember, if you shoot with Canon or Sony the lenses represent the same and produce similar outcomes. If you are just starting out, I love the previous models and budget friendly Nikon D610 and the NikonD750. It’s important to remember that you are an artist and you don’t have to have the Ferrari to be amazing. It’s all about how you use the tool that you have.

  • Nikon 50 1.4. – I built my business on this lens. This lens is a serious workhorse “FOR ME”. This was my go to lens for years. I still use it when my 85 is not able to be used because I am in too close of quarters to my subject
  • Nikon 85 1.4 I LOVE the Bokeh or the Blur of this Lens. This Lens in my opinion is the epitome of high end imagery. It creates gorgeous focus on the subject while blurring the background behind it.
  • Nikon 24-70 2.8 I love this camera when photographing in tight spaces and also for quick on-the-go shoots where the location depth changes. It’s also great when you do not have the time to do a quick lens change. It can zoom in creating great bokeh when you are far from the subject, and it can also capture items from a distance. This is especially great in this time of social distancing. All in all, it’s a great multi-use lens.
  • Nikon 70-200 2.8 with UV Filter this is my go-to lens when photographing wedding ceremonies. There are times I use this lens to create the mysterious bokeh affect at a distance. (Now I resort to my 85 as I feel it gives me the best results for one subject. I will use the 70-200 for multi subjects.)
  • Nikon 35 mm 1.4 I love this lens as it’s light weight. I used to use this on the go and in tight quarters as well as in New York to get full buildings while photographing a subject.
  • Fish Eye- SOOO Fun – I love using this lens at Sports Stadiums and On Beaches. It’s pretty self explanatory but allows to capture the entire environment when necessary while also including the subject.

When I am photographing clients I keep my lenses and gear in the Camera Bag I designed The Influencer, ready for on the go and easy lens transition. I love this bag because it’s sleek and handcrafted of Italian leather. When I am photographing a large shoot I bring my other lenses and camera and store them in this rollable suitcase that protects them and is easy to travel.

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Photographs by Audrie Dollins. All opinions are that of my own and I appreciate all sponsors and you taking the time to enjoy my corner of the web friends!

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