November 20, 2017

My Favorite Things

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Oh my goodness it’s that time of year!! Our favorite Hot Apple Ciders, Wrapped Up in Our Favorites Comfy Fuzzy Socks nestled up on our Couch shopping away all the wonderful deals!

I often get asked what my favorite lenses, Cameras, & Products are so I thought I would put together a quick list of a few of my favorite  basic things I love as a photographer ! If you love this post and I receive positive Feedback I will be sending you a lot more links in the future to keep you update on the latest gear and items I Love!!

Follow the links below and shop away!!

(Images By Sweet Memory Photography with Client Lee of  Do Say Give Blog )

The Nikon D850

I am a Nikon Lover and This Camera is the latest Camera for Exceptional Photography. It’s versatile in low light and as a Wedding Photographer it does amazing!


The Nikkor 35 1.4 Lens

I often work with Bloggers, Seniors, & Weddings and in tight spaces this lens is fantastic! Also when you are wanting to get more of the surrounding backgrounds of buildings in your shot as well.

This is my go to lens that you will ALWAYS find me using most of the time!! I LOVE this lens I have tried to so many different lenses but this baby gets me in Beast Mode!! It’s seriously my bestie!! The price is a steal!!!!!

Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Lens


Im not going to lie I don’t have a Hold Fast/Money Maker strap but I so want one!! When you are toting cameras around all day at Weddings you need to be versatile and ready for anything and these are getting all the Raves from tons of photographers I work with!! This would be a perfect gift for your photog friend !


By the time the year is over my Camera Bags are worn out! It is what we travel with and work with on a daily basis that protects our gear !! I love this backpack as I often like to carry items for back up and be able to transition and move when shooting on locations in busy area where I am not able to get to my suitcases.


If you are like me you have tons of SD cards everywhere and as much help with organization you can have it’s always beneficial! I strongly recommend a case to designate Used SD Cards and Blank SD Cards and start a flow of organization !! You will love these and I hope that tip helped you during busy season !!

I hope you enjoyed a short list of just a few of my favorites!! I hope this was so fun as I will be putting together another list of my favorite things I love to wear while photographing, favorite things I give my clients and More!!!


Wishing You a Fabulous Thanksgiving and Holiday Shopping Fun!!!

(Images by Sweet Memory Photography of Lee Coldron with Do Say Give Blog )

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  1. Jan Massey says:

    Audrie, I enjoyed getting your list of “favorite things”. I am an amateur and love making photos of my family, especially my grandkids playing sports. I have a D90 that I bought at a really great price a few years ago, two lenses (one a zoom) and it serves me well.

    Thanks again,

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