January 17, 2018

Shop My Photography Gear Favs + Audrie Dollins + Blogger Photography Dallas Texas

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Shop My Photography Gear Favs

I am ALWAYS on the GO and find My Tahoe is my second office LOL!! Every time I am prepping for A Day of Sessions or A Wedding I always say it feels like I am prepping for battle. I layout my suitcase on my floor and just start cleaning my gear, making sure all batteries are charged, lenses are accessible, SD cards are cleared and formatted ready to go. However, there is so much more than just the gear that is to be prepped, those items are a given. What about the items that prep you for what if… Being an Influencer/Blogger & Brand photographer I have to be prepared to shoot at any location, no matter the lighting, the heat, cold , etc. So I am sharing with you what all my favorite Amazon Purchases that help me with anything that may possibly arise during a shoot, after all you don’t want a tiny issue to ruin the possible chance of that epic image “you could’ve captured.”


Let’s Start With My Photography Gear! 

I am a Nikon Shooter!! I love all Gear I don’t dislike any other brands, I just chose to invest in the Nikon route.

I shoot with a Nikon D750  If you are on the Market to purchase I would recommend The Nikon D850

This is the upgrade to my camera and I cannot wait to add it to my collection!! Worth every penny !!

My Three lenses that I use continously

Nikon 50mm 1.4 

This lens is like a best friend, always there , trustworthy, and beautiful ! Like old faithful!

Sigma Art  35 mm 1.4 This lens is perfect in tight spaces, or to capture a little more background. Excellent Clarity , Great for Kitchen & Living Room area images.

Nikkor  70-200 mm 2.8 This lens is great for Weddings, but I often use these lens to photograph my clients creating a fantastic bokeh (blur) focusing mainly on the client.


Nikon SB 5000 AF Speedlight On Camera Flash

Rougue Flash Bender

This goes on your on Camera Flash!! This little baby is a game changer! This life changing addition should be triple in price as much as it adds to the imagery!! Don’t hesitate add it to your cart… What are you waiting for ?

A Light Reflector

Camera Bag

I love my side messenger bag for all shoots. I have used backs packs but I love how I can reach down and grab my other lenses. I often carry my clients cell phone , and keys as Influencers often change quickly so we try to make things accessible as possible.

Constant Lights

In low light situations the constant Lights are easily maneuverable and capture great images.

Wacom Tablet

The Wacom Tablet is perfect for sketching and reminders it is almost like a digital journal. It is A MUST HAVE!!


the MacBook Pro laptop is perfect for on the go editing, whether your in a hotel or on a road trip it is very helpful in regards of getting work done.

Desktop Computer

iMac desktop is for editing at the office and is the easiest way of getting quality pictures.

External Hard Drive 

This is a MUST if you are a photographer or need to store images and for backing up!! Always SAVE SAVE SAVE!!

Rechargeable Batteries 

I rely on rechargeable batteries to have a long lasting battery life and its convenience.


The perfect suitcase to store all of your gear and protect them on the go while you are in between sessions and or traveling!

Styling Clamps

These are a must have

Now let’s get to some FUN items I have in My Bag/s that are GREAT!!

Ok What about the What If… I always have personal items itemized in my suitcase

Deodorant , Perfume, Brush, Hair Ties, Tums, Ibuprofen , Manicure Kit

Medium Boards !!!! LOVE these boards so much! They are in my car at all times! I am always on the go and photographing different products for influencers, no matter where we go we want to stay on trend. Creating the perfect flat lay to correlate with our shoot is the perfect touch! These backdrop boards are sturdy and can with stand the travel wears and tares.


( My go to Board) Stop what you are doing and BUY this NOW!! You’ll thank me and so will your clients!!


Styling Ribbon ( you can find this at any local craft store )

Small First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is a necessity. My most common use for it are blisters; imagine having blisters from walking around New York for fashion week, or a client getting blisters from wearing heels all day of shooting.


I use scissors for many occurrences ranging from loose threads hanging off of clothes to simply cutting open snacks.

Small Lunch Box full of Water & Energy Snacks

The lunch box is for long days of shooting whether it be weddings or many influencers I am photographing the lunchbox always come in clutch.

 Changing Tent

the changing tent is perfect for changing on site it saves time from making many trips to the car.

Car Clothes Rod

the clothes rod is for clients to hang their outfits it matches perfectly with the changing tent creating our own changing rooms!

And of course my all time favorite !!! Hunter Boots This is a MUST have that I always leave in my Tahoe!! Seriously the best Investment!! From random fields of blue bonnets, or the perfect flowing river these boots allow me not to miss a shot!!!


I hope my favorite things help your next session go amazing !! I cannot wait to see what you purchase and create with it!



Audrie Dollins

Sweet Memory Photography 


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