March 27, 2020

My So Called Fabulous Life Podcast My Interview With Tiffany Blackmon


Oh my goodness what an amazing time I had with Tiffany!! Tiffany Blackmon is an Author, Chef, Influencer, Mom, Wife, and now I am honored to call her a friend!! We hit the waives of her podcast discussing how important our message and brand strategy is during this time of uncertainty with covid-19! That in all times be confident in your message or possibly refrain if you are not. I also had a moment where I blurted out that I love cookies, but that comparing ourselves is human nature, but don’t take it as far as putting ourselves down!! I hope you follow my sweet friend and take a listen to our fun and full of experience conversation in the world of Influencing !!

Dropping Names Like It’s Hot

I NEED TO DO SOME NAME DROPPING!!! I was so excited during our discussion I wanted to list out some important people that popped up in our conversation and the fabulous people that were mentioned that I didn’t specifically name!! You know that fun feeling when conversations are going and flowing and you listen back and your like oh I need to give credit where credit is due!! I felt the need to share the people that influenced me on my journey and share their websites and tell more about them!!

Tanya Foster, there are so many wonderful things that come to mind when this fabulous lady’s name is mentioned! Simply put I adore her and her work ethic is unmatched!! Organized, Visual, and can do attitude has set the bar so high!! She loves what she does and she makes what I do so enjoyable!! I have huge amount of appreciation for Tanya!!!

Hailey The Pretty Priority is where I got my start. I was so ignorant on the Influencer & Blogger world and her desire to create her Blog put me in front of the most amazing and influential bloggers in the business on a whim! This is where I said ignorance was bliss and found myself standing in front of Ashlee Nichols and friends the rest was history I was hooked. My business has increased each year by 30% . I left the world of wedding and family photography and niched down to Influencer and Branding photography and haven’t looked back!

Ashlee Nichols , To have the opportunity to work with Ashlee Nichols early on in my career of Influencer/Blogging photography over four years ago is what really catapulted my business and opened doors for me that I am forever grateful! I get to see Ashlee every year at RewardStyle conference and it’s always nice to say hello. I will always have much respect and love for her!

Alicia Wood of Alicia Wood Lifestyle has the most stunning aesthetics as we mentioned. Her beautiful tones of blue are her signature and it’s a joy capturing and working with Alicia.

Dr.Christian is the amazing dentist I just felt compelled to continue to mention! Totally embarrassing my brain couldn’t produce more but she resonates with the scenario so much as she creates such a fun atmosphere and engagement with her audience online that decreases the fear of dental work!


I spoke of the heart surgeon who attended the workshop that is just an amazing influence that provides so much information. Dr. Kahn you can follow her at Heart Beat Doctor!! She is an all around amazing person!!

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