December 20, 2019

The Influencer Camera Bag

Introducing The Influencer A Camera Bag made in Tuscany, Italy Audrie Dollins X Jennifer Nicole Collection

For the past few years the idea rolled around in my mind of creating my own camera bag. In many cases of inventing you think of all the things your current situation is lacking and improve on them. I found I loved my crossbody bag but hated I couldn’t switch it to a backpack when I need to maneuver easier on location. I also found that just having a backpack alone was inconvenient when I needed to access certain lenses during a particular photo shoot. So it was important to implement both options of having Crossbody & Backpack Straps . I also wanted a camera bag that made it a little bit easier to travel to shoot on location or travel in general. Adding the Trolley Sleeve was an important detail that continued with the functional luxury. As all the pieces in the Jennifer Nicole Collection are customizable I chose a color that was versatile for Men or Women. This leads me into the fashion aspect of the design. I wanted a camera bag that didn’t fall under the lines of the utility look. Most Camera Bags are the look normal brown or black options. If you find any camera bag trying to meet a style trend the craftsmanship is lacking. With The Influencer Bag for The Jennifer Nicole Collection we put all the functionality along with luxury in details of this beautifully handmade piece. For all the details and specs of this luxury camera bag click HERE to shop!

I chose a sleek color for The Influencer as it would be classic and versatile for Men & Women.

When designing this Camera Bag I wanted something as high end, luxurious , and durable as the Camera gear and tech as I was putting in it.
I named the Camera Bag The Influencer as when envisioning an Influencer I see one that explores and travels the world capturing and telling their journey through imagery and tech.
Crossbody Option for easy access during a session.
Backpack Option when you are on the move and needs to be hands free.
The Influencer Camera Bag is the hub that I can run my full photography business from with daily location changes.

This bag has been an absolute joy to design with the very talented Jennifer of The Jennifer Nicole Collection and her team. I look forward to all that is to come that we have up our sleeves to add to such a lovely collection. Happy Shopping Friends and Be Sure to share images with us using your Influencer Bag!!!

I would like to add a special thank you to all of you who support as it means so very much to be able to provide and do what I am so passionate about. Thank you from the depth of my heart! Much Love Friends !! – Audrie Dollins

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