April 6, 2021

What to Wear for Spring Sessions

A Photographer’s Guide on what to wear to your Spring Sessions!

Last week, I shared a couple outfits and shoes on my stories that I think would be great for shoot days. While everyone has their own style, I do believe when it comes to being on your feet for several hours (or all day) there are several things to consider! I’m breaking it down and linking options for you, don’t worry!

You Are a Walking Billboard for Your Brand

You reflect your product, so when clients meet you they could be thinking what you see is what you get. Showing up to a shoot (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S A NEW CLIENT) and being physically put together is vital to gaining your clients trust right off the bat. In every business, when you have an initial meeting with a new client, being on time and put together gives the impression that you are responsible and care about your business. If you own a photography business, the rule absolutely still applies even though you could possibly be moving around, kneeling, bending over, etc!

Comfort is Key

Why is being comfortable important? You’re probably thinking, duh Audrie because you’ll be moving around and on your feet all day. I’m not just talking about shoes though. How you dress will effect your ability to get different angles of your subject. Sometimes I am literally on the ground trying to get that “perfect shot” and I’m only able to do that because I’m not worried about having to pull my pants up or my dress flying up if its a windy day and we’re shooting outside.


Dresses are my favorite option in spring and summer when I am shooting all day. I don’t get as hot and I have room to move and adjust my angle easily. Luckily, Spring and Summer fashion is out and you can find such affordable options that also keep you looking cute but give you the comfort and breathability you need.

White Long Sleeve Dress

Black Dress

Striped T-Shirt

Purple Maxi Dress

Mustard Midi Dress

Green Midi Dress

Blue Tie Dress

Purple Tie Dye Dress


With the pandemic, companies have gotten so creative and made more pants and leggings than I have ever seen before. It’s a huge plus for someone like me that tends to gravitate towards them on cooler spring days. The key to wearing leggings is to dress is up a little with a cute sweater or top and fun earrings!

Light Pink Leggings

Stretchy Jeans with Elastic Waist

Black Leather Leggings

Navy Blue Joggers

Orange Leggings

Black Joggers

Target Black Leggings by Spanx

Hot Pink Leggings


Long tops and sweaters will be your best friend. If you do love jeans and like to wear them when you are on the job, then grabbing a long sweater or top keeps you from having to worry about anything showing! As summer starts to make its appearance, I always go for the whites or blacks if I am outside as they tend to show less sweat. I am telling you, I think through everything when it comes to what I wear.

Purple Sweater

Black Tunic Tee

Orange Tunic Tank

White Ruffled Top

Chambray Top

Orange and Navy Flannel

Grey V-Neck

Cream Sweatshirt

Camo Jacket

Blue Sweatshirt Tunic


The shoes I linked on my story last week are my Go-To options. Always. Just like clothes, the shoes are wear might be the number one most important thing. Never wear a new pair of shoes until you know for sure they won’t give you blisters!

White Cloud Sneakers

Under Armor Peach and Black Sneakers

Grey New Balance Sneakers

Glitter Sneakers

White All Birds

Black Cloud Sneakers

Pink and Grey Adidas

Black and White Adidas

White Sneakers

Walk the Walk

When it comes down to it, I find representing your business well is of the utmost importance! How you dress seems so surface level, but it plays a vital roll in gaining clients and keeping those clients. Social media isn’t the only way to market your business nowadays. Word of mouth still goes a very long way, so be that photographer everyone wants to talk about!


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