March 15, 2021

How I Photograph Products

There are several ways to shoot product imagery. Today I will focus on discussing two, the studio style that is more of an e-commerce approach or there is the life-styled approach. Both ways are beneficial for you but over time you will find through analytics what your audiences engages with the most.


As e-commerce imagery isn’t always the fun styled shot, it’s beneficial in showing details of a product when a consumer is purchasing online. I approach shooting Ecommerce by gathering generic props that flow well with the product itself. The first image is the life-styled enticing imagery then it goes into showing the more of the specific details of the products. Here are examples of different kinds of E-Commerce images.

Images captured for Berkley Clothing
Images captured for Perfectly Gifted Frisco

Lifestyle Imagery

Styled shoots are those marketing images that create engagement and draw the consumer to take the next step of actually purchasing the product . Creating the wow factor or showing an example how the consumer will benefit or feel with that product . The image styled in a common yet wow factor way that makes the consumer react. It can also be a call to action image. In the marketing industry today we are finding that lifestyle imagery has more engagement to help show how the consumer can actually use the product instead of the blanketed dull e-commerce image. As e-commerce images helps how the detail of the product, life-style images show unique usage of the product. Here are examples of lifestyle imagery!

Images Captured for Berkley Clothing


I would never in a million years claim to be a food photographer. In fact, I feel like food and flat-lays is some of the hardest Items I have to photograph. Food Photography like Branding + Influencing photography I feel is it’s own niche’ . Often however when photographing products and lifestyle imagery food most certainly comes into play. I approach food photography like product photography because it’s important to bring life to something to draw the consumer or audience to want to try out the recipe because the image drew them to want a taste.

Lighting is Important

Lighting is always key, truly. In this day and age our cell phone take wonderful photos, like I always say and I am not trying to say you don’t need professional imagery but between those sessions you need to be ale to capture imagery that falls in line with your brand position and what is happening in relevant times with your company, products, or services. If you have the perfect ambiance of light your image will be beautiful .

Work with What You Got

Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect location to grab product photos. Find a bright and airy background, grab those simple props again to make the products look more lifestyle and just start snapping away. The example below shows when I photographed Elemis products for The Recruiter Mom. We took a spot at an outdoor shopping center, and turned it into what looks like a bathroom. Crazy right?

This is what I see vs. below what image transpires from this.

Images Captured for The Recruiter Mom

Tools I Use to Help You Photograph Products


Here is a backdrop option I use regularly. I also linked these backdrop options that would be great too.

When it comes to shooting products I also absolutely love Replica Surfaces. They are great quality and make capturing the image easier.

Lighting Kits

When it comes to constant lighting I find myself going to the cheaper ones. As I move locations every day, if one were to break or is over worked I am not out thousands of dollars for an every day mishap. Click here to snag these lights under $100! If you have a Studio that is your every day location where the lights are stationary and you do not pack your lights a lot I would definitely recommend purchasing your higher quality Lighting like these by WestScott.


I am a Nikon shooter but I love Canon & Sony as well. Nikon is just the path I went and gear I have invested in. I have linked a few other Brand Options that I feel are great cameras for all photographers. Nikon D850, Pair this Camera with several options of lenses here are three of my favorites. Nikon AF-S FX 24-70 mm f/2.8 , Nikon 50mm 1.4Nikon 35mm 1.4 .

Nikon Z7II Series is the ultimate camera of all all cameras! Want to run with the professionals? This Camera sets the bar for the latest technology in mirrorless cameras, it’s a step above the rest!


Handheld Reflectors are a GAME CHANGER. When you’re needing a little more light directed on your subject, reflectors are what you want. Also, if you’re like me, and you shoot alone on many occasions, a large reflector isn’t ideal as it’s not easy to maneuver. These are perfect to handle on your own.

Flat Lay Tripod

This flat lay tripod is 360 degrees so it allows you to get all angles of whatever content or product you are needed to capture.


This is such an easy way to add a pop of color or make products look more natural in the space they are in. They are great to add in the background of lifestyle photos.



Red Apples

Green Apples


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