August 31, 2022

A Retreat to the NYLO Las Colinas with AD Media Group

AD Media Group is a marketing firm located in the heart of Frisco, Texas on Main St. I founded this company when I felt there was a need to bridge the gap for business owners such as Influencers, Brands, and traditional businesses. I wasn’t wrong and our team is vastly growing! Growing pains is a perfect reason to retreat to the NYLO for a reboot!!

Audrie Dollins CEO of AD Media Group

If you are new here, I have been a photographer for over 10+ years and started an online boutique over 15 years ago (that I sold for profit). I have always been one who marched to the beat of my own drum with an entrepreneurial heart and drive. As I have built AD Media Group, it has grown so vastly that our efforts for our clients was not generating time for the team to go over pertinent details to discuss AD Media Structural items. Although we have team meetings every Monday from 8:00 am-12:00 pm every minute of this meeting is solely focused on our clients. So, we decided that a weekend retreat was ideal for us to tackle some of those much needed AD Media focused items. My go to destination for work, relaxation, and fantastic amenities over the years has always been the NYLO. So we packed up our favorite things grabbed our darling CWO, Fendi, and off we went!

I think it’s key as a business owner that you value your team as people. I personally feel the atmosphere you create and small notions of appreciation generate a connection with each person that matters and forms a mutual respect of gratitude. As mentioned in a previous blog regarding gifting, Gifting is an Essential Part of Doing Business, it’s essential for you to gift your employees in the same manner. It is important however to gift with expecting nothing in return. I do not gift my employees to be seen as part of their “pay’. It’s a thank you for working towards a larger goal and a professional nod of value. I thought it was so fun that when each team member arrived they were treated with some wonderful items from Bath & Body works! I wanted to a gift that incorporated relaxation and comfort.

White Plates | Glass

Let’s get this party started with a brand new day!! The perks of the NYLO is that they provide a delicious breakfast with so many amazing choices!! Everything is made fresh and I couldn’t resist their fruit and danish! Starting the mornings poolside with a delicious array of breakfast and fresh squeezed orange juice is the perfect way to get the mind prepped and ready to start the retreat!

Padfolio | Pen | Laptop Cover | Similar Flower Arrangement

Grab a pen and paper you are going to want to take notes! The perfect outline for a successful team retreat. Take a look at my own personal breakdown and insights of what I have created for out retreat! Plus I have even attached a FREE download of a PDF outline for your next team meeting !

Audrie’s AD Media Group Retreat Outline

Friday Evening

7:30 pm  – Arrive at NYLO hotel

8:00 pm – Dinner at Loft Kitchen & Bar at Hotel


7:00 am – Team Building – It’s a surprise 

  • Team Breakfast

8:00 am – Continued Education Modules + Certifications

12:00 pm – Break for Lunch 

1:00 pm – Continued Education PR/Collaborations

4:00 pm – Website Design Continue Education

7:00 pm – Poolside and Pizza


8:00 am – Breakfast as a team and helping each other with photo looks

8:30 am – AD Media Group Content Shoot

12:00 pm – Checkout & Goodbyes 

Cherish & Lacie are outstanding duo in every day Marketing Tasks Branch

Similar Blue Plaid Blazer | Similar White Tank | Similar Black + White Top | Similar Black Jeans

What I love about the AD Media Group team is that each person brings something to the table they are willing to share. With a background as an athlete, I feel our success is because we are a team. Although my team are considered employees I often make sure I call them a team member or that they work “with” me and NOT “for” me. I intentionally want to make sure that there is a respect that is there with what they bring to the table. I feel AD Media Group cannot move in a forward motion with one person solely. It’s a group effort that ultimately results in the success that AD Media Group does as a team.

AD Media Group In House Photographer
The Nylo provided us with wonderful meeting rooms and privacy.
Kristen the AD Media Group In House Photographer

Similar Black Bodysuit | Similar White Trousers | Black Tablecloth

Push fear to the side and make the call. Eeeek! You guys it’s so hard in the time of texting and emails to pick up the phone. This might be a little hot topic for your office as we have taken it head on in ours. There is like a panic that runs through us these days when the phone rings but, at the retreat we talked about how using email and text to set up a call. To wipe out all the wonder and just go for it! After all the worst thing someone can do is say ‘No’ and I have yet to hear of an ailment coming from it. Implementing procedures and confidence in your team that you believe in their abilities.

Similar White Bodysuit | Similar Straight Leg Jeans | Pink Laptop Cover

It’s pertinent we say what we mean in detail. Generating a perfect email with precise items to not only save time for other companies but to share a goal and be of assistance in doing so with the reader on the other side getting all they need in once glance. At the retreat they provided amazing tech for us to work alongside each other and view a step by step email without hovering around a small screen. In fact I got so passionate about the email and the effort we put in together I started jumping with excitement.

Similar Blazer | Similar Black Tank | Similar Black Slacks | Wine | Chips | Snickers

I mean if you don’t have the perfect afternoon snacks could we really truly concentrate on the task at hand? I think NOT. I truly feel the amenities and the atmosphere the NYLO provides to make things such an ease to access so we can focus on the goals at hand is what makes it continue to stand out. On a fun note It’s so fun finding out favorites of those you work with! I may or may not over indulged myself!

Ally Mincher the AD Media Group Office Manager

Similar Blazer | Similar Black Tank | Similar Black Slacks | Padfolio

You are who surround yourself with. It’s important that not only do you level up on your own, but that you put people in your circle that challenge you to be the best but also, themselves. I feel we did that on this retreat. Expectations of the company were expressed , expectations of the team were expressed, and movements to conquering goals happened!

Light Letterhead | Mule Glass

That’s a wrap!! Cheers to the weekend full of moments of learning, laughs, and goal conquering tears! I am so thankful for a fabulous location like the NYLO Las Colinas to provide a space that our team could grow into the next level of success. I am so proud of what we achieved and I look forward to what is to come with this amazing team of professionals!

The AD Media Group Team

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I hope you find this blog post as a resource to help move your business in a forward motion to the goals you have set out. I am always here to assist in any way and I look forward to any questions or topics you would like to discuss.


Audrie Dollins CEO of AD Media Group
A Retreat to The NYLO Las Colinas

As always I cannot thank you enough for reading my blog. All thoughts an opinions are that of my own. All images and copyright are owned by Audrie Dollins. Some links may be monetized where I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase via the links. This stay at the NYLO was in collaborations with The Hilton Tapestry Hotel and NYLO Las Colinas.

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