September 1, 2017

ABOUT ME Today + The Photographer Behind Sweet Memory Photography + Frisco Texas


Hey Girl!!! Hey Lovely !! Hey Doll!!!

Yes I know so cliche but I promise if we work together I am sure to call you one of these names I am so Southern , and yes I say Yes Sir , yes Ma’am not out of age just Texas Respect, it happens 😉 !!

If we haven’t met yet, let me say Hello Doll my Name Is Audrie Dollins I am A Wedding , Fashion, & Portrait Photographer in Frisco, Texas!!!

I work hard and produce quality imagery for you to love for years to come…………. And if you can’t laugh with me you won’t want to work with me !! My smile just can’t stop, won’t stop, and Id love to share some laughter with you during some amazing moments we capture together!!

Ok Ok we are friends now soooo, I have so much to tell you and so many ideas and goals you are going to want to say wow slow down you need a drink or Oxygen! Lol !! ( Yes I just used LOL and A run on sentence , and I missed punctuation/spelling I know, but I am a photographer not a writer , but hey , Im working on it, totally Human over here .)

I am excited to start incorporating every so often things about ME, because People are interesting , and I promise you will LOVE some of the things that keep this girl busy!! I mean I am part owner of A Cupcakery!! Yep gotcha interested didn’t I!!!
So Here We Gooooo!!!!

Quick Info About This Nikon Shooting Texas Girl!!

-I am 33 ( about to 34 in 6 days shhhhh it’s not real)
-I am married to a driven , tell it like it is , bearded & HANDSOME Texas Man !! He is the Sunglasses to my Sunny Days !!
( if you know him he wears sunglasses like every second even in family pics so that’s a great analogy , just saying)
-I am a Mother of TWO gorgeous, well behaved kiddos , no worries Ill do a whole blog post about these rays of Sunshine so be sure to follow the SMP Blog
– Are you still stuck on the Cupcakes ok FINE My husband and I are part owners of Smallcakes Cupcakery & Creamery At Firewheel Market in Garland!! Yes it’s delicious!!! My Part of the company is all the Marketing!!
– Ok Start getting ready to say this lady is CRAZY…Here it comes…. We Also Own A Wedding Venue in Sulphur Springs Texas!! It’s true!!! ( Ill Do A Blog about this little venture Soon too)

As you can see my hands are full and my passions are a plenty!! I pour my heart out into my imagery for my clients!!
-I love FASHION!! The Bloggers I work with and their goals are so inspiring and I love lifting each other up !! I love creating a brand to identify with!
-Then you put me and my camera in a room with a Bride & Groom and all things LOVE , oh goodness Im crying already!! This Girl loves LOVE & Romance!!
– Family portraits ummm hellooo yesssss to see families grow and have my work be shared all over during the cheeriest time of year count this girl in!!!

Oh goodness look at the time I have to go and I feel like we have just scratched the surface of so much & a blooming friendship so be sure to follow my Blog so we can stay in touch!! I haven’t even told you about my fur babies, we know that’s a must!!

Talk Soon!!
-Audrie Dollins
Sweet Memory Photography

All the imagery on this blog post of myself are provided by the fabulous and my dear friend Michelle Rice!!!


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