February 4, 2020

Achieving That Picture Perfect Smile

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Being Camera ready there is a check list that immediately pops in your mind, haircut, nails, outfits, and are my teeth white! I hope the camera doesn’t come too close I have yet to schedule my whitening or routine teeth cleaning at the dentist!

I want to help you be camera ready with a 20% Off Discount Code: audriedollins20

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Leaving the Dentist Office your mouth feels like a million bucks! You run your tongue across the smooth clean teeth and your gums feel so fresh and rejuvenated and I may or may not walk by the mirror smiling a little more than usual. I love the setting on whitening! It’s the perfect vibration and clean and my gums feels so clean!! After you purchase yours let us know your favorite setting!!

The older I get the more the coffee I consume! In fact coffee is what I look forward to each morning along with those 30 minutes of peace and quiet but that is a whole other blog post. Working with clients to be photo ready I find myself in close proximity so I want my breath minty fresh.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Smile and we are giving one away! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!!

It was so great that I even got one for my husband and he hands down said it was his favorite gift!! That is a win in my book! Definitely the perfect time to get one for your love so making those kissable moments last a little longer and little more minty!

Click HERE for All the details and Questions you may have that makes this electric toothbrush the best on the market!

Smile Brilliant also offers amazing whitening options that I cannot wait to try! After I do I will be sure to check back in!!

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