February 4, 2020

A Healthy Entrepreneur

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One of the biggest things I have struggled with for the past 9 years is maintaining a balanced diet with exercise. I have been so focused on growing my photography business, as well as , owning and selling a few other businesses along the way that making a healthy routine of eating and exercise very much like a roller coaster. My schedule will fluctuate daily which makes well frankly my body do the same, as there was no consistency for my health.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with 310Nutrition as it checked all the boxes of what I wanted my dream replacement shake to be! Not only does this meal replacement shake help me on long shoot days, I strongly advise packing bottled water, and healthy snacks to sustain you through the day. Eating large meals or a carb loaded meal will definitely effect your energy levels.

Discovering that making my eating habits a priority it directly effected my clients as I would have the energy to complete the tasks with agility and poise. Allowing my energy to sustain and not do a 3:00 afternoon crash. I shoot for hours and found not eating is just as ad for a body on the go.

7 Simple Reasons on Why I love 310 Nutrition right out of the gate?!It’s Simple!!


AND ARE YOU READY FOR THIS IT STILL TASTES SO GOOD!! You guys I am southern I was raised on fried chicken, gravy, and potatoes so I am all about the good things so you know I am speaking the truth!

I have been drinking these delicious shakes along with all of the recipes that not only help manage my cravings but give the nutrients my busy body has been craving for years. Click HERE for some delicious Recipes!!

Another detail I struggle with is always water!

Sometimes it’s a great change up to taste something flavorful! The hydrating beverage will satisfy your sweet tooth and fulfill your cravings for sugar in a healthy way.

As entrepreneurs we expect a-lot of ourselves and our needs usually are always put to the back burner as our eye on the prize of owning a successful business means a great deal to us. After all, this is what and how we support our families. What has taken my own entrepreneurial stubbornness is that without a healthy me there is no business. Even though our minds are itching to see if we missed a phone call or is there a game changing email in my inbox just waiting for me to reply to moving your body and consuming the best nutritional ingredients is worth a few moments delayed in answering that game changing email.

Here is a Code below for Free Shipping let me know what your favorite flavor!! As I am the fan of the chocolate!! In fact I am off to shake me one up right now!!

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