January 21, 2022

AD Media Group Office Reveal

Poppin the Bubbly it’s time to Celebrate!

Welcome to where all the hard work happens along with laughs, interesting conversations , and being the place where big goals are achieved, The AD Media Group Office ! AD Media Group is located on Main Street in downtown Frisco, Texas nestled next to Toyota Stadium home of FC Dallas and a hop skip and a jump from The Star in Frisco , home of The Dallas Cowboys training facility. I am already loving the central location increasing the opportunities and the ease to accomplish the work life balance.

THE BEFORE ( The previous tenant was an Aggie Fan.. Me not so much.)

This space was a labor of love and turned out exactly how I wanted it to with the help of my husband! We are definitely a team ! To be transparent it’s not always easy but in all great things come understanding, growth, and well admitting sometimes he just might be right. Shh don’t tell him!

Kicking the feet up and enjoying all the fruits of my labor (okay my husband’s labor.) With all things my husband always has my best interest and puts my vision into reality.

As a photographer I love light and bright spaces , and knowing content creating would and will always be apart of my business model I wanted the space to be just that a place to work capture and create , not just for AD Media but for our clients. I designated an area that is naturally lit to illuminate making content creation a breeze with the vibrant true to color imagery that has become my signature style. So excited about creating so much content here!

Less is more is my take on decor

I am not going to lie I get completely anxious about putting things on the walls! With my type A personality need for everything to be perfect and a great representation of who we are the photographer in me loves that clean aesthetic to create a neutral and uplifting atmosphere.

Simple and clean has always been my favorite with a few detailed touches. Each team member at AD Media has their own space and we are slowly and surely adding those perfect little touches that help us complete a job well done!

Cheers To The Goals We Surpass in This Lovely Space

Okay let me totally admit to you that I am a photographer and I’m all about the props to make imagery look life-styled for the most engagement , so this bar cart is the best both of worlds in my eyes! Photoshoots and drinks and count me in!

Coffee Chat & Collaborations

We are still getting all the items and bends for our snack and coffee bar but rest assured I make sure my team and I are not working hangry! At the moment we look like a total sorority house with our snack arrangement so stay tuned for more updates to our snack and coffee bar coming soon.. but until then gotta go my fresh cup of coffee is ready for me with a collaboration waiting for our amazing clients in my inbox! 😉

Be Careful once you start working my team and I you will begin to believe in yourself and surpass goals… are your ready?

This space is everything I could have wanted for AD Media Group! I am so excited for this company and office to continue to grow and that we will. I am already looking forward to the day this space needs to expand and I cannot wait to share it with you when we do. I hope you enjoyed the before and afters and we will bring along for all the fun little details we add along the way!

If you would like to elevate your business to work with AD Media Group CLICK HERE for more details!


Much Love,

Click on images below to shop the items I purchased for the AD Media Group Office!



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