January 18, 2022

The Importance of a Content Calendar

I am so passionate about content I feel like I speak about it every week when working with clients! I have also written a whole blog post on why I feel it’s the number one part of your marketing strategy no matter the business you are in. As a brand or business, you will ALWAYS need content! Content is probably the most essential asset you will need to portray a consistent online presence. Not only does content allow your customers, clients, audience, etc. to get to know you better, its also a great way to show your niche and brand direction. There’s also a right and wrong way to create content. Don’t be boring! Engage your audience so that they continue to come back

Creating and having enough content is probably one of the most important things you can do within this industry. Make sure you are recording a lot of content, getting your face / name out there and creating brand awareness for yourself! Mapping out how and when to create and make content go live sets your business up for success. Below I have not only gone into further detail of why you should create a calendar but have also given you a sample of what one might look like for myself and/or my clients!

Reasons Behind Needing a Content Calendar

1. Intentional Marketing Decisions

When generating your content calendar this will not only hold you accountable it puts your ideas into fruition for you to follow through. It will

2. Idea Generator

While putting your ideas and structure on to paper this allows the creative direction to flow towards your goals creating a space for new ideas and marketing implementation to take place. It also allows you to alter or tweak an approach that worked for you “last time”. Taking the time to elevate the process

3. Consistency Across All Platforms

Your marketing strategy and brand message will mirror each other on all platforms. To make sure your brand message is clear and speaks to your ideal client your marketing message has to be clear on all plausible platforms. This way that your business is viewed as reliable , obtainable, and relevant.

4. Clear Brand Message Delivered

The content calendar allows you to layout a structure so than your brand message can be perceived clearly.

5. Direct Team Communications & Unity

The content calendar helps lay the ground work for your entire team to know what is going and when. It is important that your team all be on the same page and by staying consistent with your calendar you will find the consistency stem throughout your team’s approach.

Below I have attached a general content calendar that we will continuously update that gets your structure and process flowing. Remember to use this as a guideline as items always need to be adjusted accordingly to your specific audience and.

Not only do I hope this candelar finds your some assistance but I have also linked HERE the Content Creator Mindset that could help with your structure and process. Once you get the idea down with your goals in mind you will begin to find your full year calendar and process will be planned out in no time. Relieving TONS of angst when it comes to marketing your business online and social media. It’s important that your marketing content calendar

I hope you find this helpful in creating content for your brand and allowing for a successful 2022!


Much Love,

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