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We can always use help saving a little bit of money $ here and there. After all being a photographer, a business based on electronics can add up. With amazon Prime Day upon us I thought I would share with you some of my favorites and hope the sale helps you save while adding new tools to help your photography business or your every day memories! If the item isn’t on sale forgive me as I only share the items I have experience with!

What’s in My Bag

Camera Bag I have a messenger bag similar to the one below. I love how its on my hip and easy to access lenses, hold clients keys, while we are out in the field shooting.

Another Camera Back Pack Option on Sale for Prime Day

Camera Straps, you will often find me not having a camera strap, as many hours of shooting cause severe aches in my neck and shoulders. Also carrying a crossbody bag I found myself getting tangled up. However, when photographing a Wedding or long event My assistant usually carries my bag and I recommend the Holdfast Money Maker. Sizes vary so make sure you pick the right size. However as my colleagues and I discuss, over time it becomes heavy .

Other Camera Bag option Is this Backpack that has a lot of spaces for lenses. I usually carry around two main lenses on shoots and leave my suit case full of other gear at the office. Here is a great Rolling Camera/lens Case ON MAJOR Sale to store all of your options and carry them for your bigger shoots like Weddings & Studio, it’s also Flight Friendly.

I am A Nikon shooter but I love Canon & Sony as well. Nikon is just the path I went and gear I have invested in. I have linked a few other Brand Options that I feel are Great Cameras for all photographers. Nikon D850, Pair this Camera with several options of lenses here are three of my favorites. Nikon AF-S FX 24-70 mm f/2.8 , Nikon 50mm 1.4, Nikon 35mm 1.4 .

Other Camera Brand Options Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Sony A9. The Same lenses I recommend for these Brands of Camera the 50mm 1.4, The 24-70mm 2., & the 35 1.4.

MOMTOGRAPHERS!! I get this question all the time! I bet at least once a moth. If you need a Camera for the Every Day Pictures of Family & Friends that is a little more budget friendly. Here is a great bundle option at a GREAT PRICE!! Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera with Two Lens Options & MORE!! All Under $500!!Also add this little guy to your camera and get your kiddos attention!!Shutter Huggers are so cute!!

I use 64 GB SD CARDS, these SD Cards are Large & Fast Enough for Sessions.I save each SD card and use it as Back up until the Client’s Gallery is delivered.I also use an SD/Memory Card Holder so they are all organized and together. Along with saving the SD Cards I use External Hard Drives store all of my imagery. I have listed a few options on your Hard Drive Needs, these are a few I have used with great price points and price range due to the amount of storage you may need. Seagate Backup Plus 2 TB External Hard Drive and another popular choice but a little higher in price is the LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB that is also made by Seagate.

I love the handheld Reflectors. When you’re needing a little more light directed on your subject and if you’re like me you shoot alone on many occasions, A large reflector isn’t ideal as it’s not easy to maneuver. These are perfect to handle on your own.

I often shoot a on the go locations. I never know where I am going to be sometimes and if I find myself in a lifestyle situation. (For example Coffee Shop, Book Store, Grocery Store.) I want to be able to put out enough light that is not too harsh or direct on my subject so I will connect my Flash Bender to my mounted on Camera Speed Light the Nikon S-5000 AF Speedlight.

Here are Other Smaller items I carry that help me have a great shoot! Small Clamps , Nikon Lens Pen, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Changing Pop up Tent,

iPhone / Smart Phone Photography

Let’s face it, as much as it’s hard for us photographers to know that sometimes a cell phone image is a quicker way to snag an image here are few of my favorite accessories to get the best images from using your phone! For Under $40 you can get the #1 Best Selling iPhone Lens this lens is compatible with several other Phones as well! For improving your Social Media Game & Quick photos this lens is a must!

A Premium Phone Tripod under $18.00!!

I am always on the go, here is a specific Prime Day Launch A Car Charger & Mount!

I love having my watch with me so when I m working if my next client is trying to contact me I can simply look down and read the message on my Apple Watch linked HERE. PRIME DAY DEAL ON THEM IT’S A HUGE SAVINGS!!

Here are some great Apple Watch Bands for under $11, the leopard one is my fav!!

All though I do not have one in my collection a Drone is on my list to get! Although it’s not a Huge Demand in my Niche of Photography I have used a drone to ring a fun look into my business and I would love to provide and add that extra eye grabbing element of video and imagery for my clients. SAVE $250 on The DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone!

What’s on My Desk

I have the smaller MacBook Pro. I love it because it also fits in my Camera Bag. I also linked to Beautiful Marble Hard Case & Keyboard Cover HERE! The Hard Case Covers are under $15, great for Gifts for your Clients or Office Pals! I don’t always put it in my camera bag but when traveling with my camera gear it’s perfect to save save space! This is great for office tasks. I do some editing and it’s great when on the FLY but when I am pumping out the sessions My iMac Pro is where the magic happens! I absolutely love it and it’s The main Key to operating smoothly & swiftly! I also have an iPad to quickly show a gallery to a client. The Apple iPad 32GB is a Best Seller and UNDER $250! When I want to drown out any distraction I work with my AirPods & I love them! On the New Macs you may need to get an SD Card Reader as well as a USB port TYP C for Mac Accessory I leave mine in my Laptop Tote Bag.

Here are a few Pieces of office Furniture I am loving right now!! This Marble Desk is perfect on space & budget!

There are two options without arm rests and I have linked one with are rests right HERE!!

My Favorite Books that are on my desk; Daring Greatly , Light is the New Black, Girl Wash Your Face, Girl Stop Apologizing, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK, How to Win Friends & Influence People, & the list could go on!


I find for photographing products or headshots that a durable backdrop stand is a quick and easy way to assist you in capturing the best images. I have had my two stands for 5 Plus years and still use them! I will set up mine to the closest window or use Constant Lighting with my favorite colors of Seamless paper. You can get seamless paper in all colors sizes and it’s great to use for a backdrop for headshots, products, Flat Lays & more!

When it comes to Constant Lighting I find myself going to the cheaper ones, as I move locations every day and if one breaks or is over worked I am not out thousands of dollars for an every day mishap. Click here to snag these lights for under $80!! If you have a Studio that is your every day location where the lights are stationary and you do not pack your lights a lot I would definitely recommend purchasing your higher quality Lighting like these by WestScott.

Another Great Lighting Options That You can use not only with your Cell Phone or on Location at Your Photography Session or even in Studio this Best Seller Ring Light Kit is a MUST HAVE!! This can help with your video tutorials and more.

Fashion Finds I Like To Wear While Shooting

There is one thing about being a photographer in Texas. You never know what the weather is going to be. From Texas Heat to cold weather I have to be prepared so you will usually find my hair up so it doesn’t become a distraction in every day shoots. But it can get boring. I love adding Headbands to my everyday work look so I look a little more pulled together. I also love putting my hair in a bun for the classic sleek look and use these Spiral Bobby Pins that are an Amazon Pick!! Often Time when Photographing events or clients I wear Black to not be distractive and professional so you will find me adding some fun Earrings to give a pop of my personality. Here are few of my recent favorite styles!

I once heard who wouldn’t want to make a six figure income in yoga pants! I mean Count me in!! Some of my sessions require a lot of walking and up and down. So I love to wear cute athleisure pieces are that comfortable but not sloppy. Here are a pair of my favorite High Waist Yoga/Workout Pants with Tummy Control with Cell Phone Pocket under $25!! I also like to pair them with a Basic V-neck Short Sleeve Shirt that helps with mositure control. Then On the cooler days layer it with this Best Selling Lightweight Full Zip Running Jacket. All Fashions come in so many different sizes & options!

I love to wear dresses that are covering and flow so I am able to move freely without restriction. Here are a few of the dresses I love to wear when the session I am photographing requires a little more than yoga pants, LOL! T-Shirt Dresses with Pockets are everything especially when they are under $25! I won’t lie I still wear Biker shorts… OKAY or Spanx under my dresses we don’t want anyone to see non of that while I am working away to capture that perfect shot! I have also linked a longer option HERE.

Another more Formal Dress is lInked HERE!

Foot Wear

You can find me in tennis shoes all day Long!! However, there are events and moments that you want to look professional . So here are a few shoes choices that are great for every day and those special events plus are supportive for long days on your feet! Here is a more formal option HERE not pictured below.

Best Seller & On MAJOR SALE!!!


Thank you so much for stopping in & I hope you got some great deals! All opinions & choices are my very own! Please be sure to follow me here on Instagram & Facebook for the latest and Story Fun!

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