August 8, 2019

My Interview with Bokeh Podcast

My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy………. nervous, but on the surface she looks calm and ready…. Did you just start singing along too!?!

WOW stepping out of the box isn’t easy but I am so glad I did it!! I have listened to the Bokeh podcast for a few years learning and relating to some of the top photographers in this industry that have lead successful lucrative businesses. The day had came that it was my turn to tell my photographer journey. As nerves were there of course, as I have the highest hopes to represent my company and family in the best way, I pushed the nerves away and am so glad I had the opportunity to shine the light on the world of Influencer , Blogging, & Brand Photography.

I hope you get the opportunity to listen and it helps you on your journey in finding your niche and direction. Not only in photography but entrepreneurship. In short it, Go for it!! You will find your way and what you’re called to do. There is nothing known as failures, just lessons.


I hope what’s taken away from interview is how I am committed to providing an amazing experience along with curating imagery to accelerate client’s business, brands, and products.

I love being the entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

Cheers Friends!!!

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