August 31, 2021

Prepping for a Successful Q4

It’s September, and that means it’s time for you to start prepping for Quarter 4! Book your session with Audrie for the Brand Edit Q4 HERE.

Review Your Analytics and Reassess Your Goals

Your analytics are the backbone of your social media. How are your posts doing? How is your audience engaging with you through social media? Taking the time to review your analytics can help you gauge what needs to be improved or changed. Reviewing analytics can also make you reassess your goals — are you posting about brands and products you’re really passionate about? Don’t waste your energy on promoting something that you aren’t passionate about, even if you’re more than capable of proving the service. Stay authentic, your audience wants to see that!

When promoting a brand or product, make sure that you are 100% capable of providing that service to your audience. As demand increases or popularities arise, be sure that the product is in stock or that the brand is current. If an item isn’t in stock, find a similar product that is equal to or even better. Always have a back up plan, as often times things don’t execute as we wish.

Generate A Special Approach To The Holidays

Holidays are a big time for Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators. This is a time where your audience heavily relies on your opinions. Whether that be Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decorations, or what to give your loved ones for Christmas — your opinion matters. There is a strategic way to implement this in an organized manner. Here are some of the things you can do.

Create a weekly or monthly list of sale items for your audience to shop. Who doesn’t love a sale?! In addition to this, curate a service theme or approach on a consistent basis for your audience to see. Consistency is such an important factor in Q4 — and always!

Generate a Marketing Budget

With a marketing budget, it is essential that you have a plan in mind. As a Blogger, Influencer or Content Creator, you have to focus on your specific niche, so with that you need to narrow down your marketing plan to be specific. Here’s what you should do.

  • Only market to your ideal client. Why spend time marketing to someone who wont invest in you or in what you’re promoting? If you want to work with an influencer, make sure you have a budget for influencer marketing so you can do collaborations and work with brand deals. Know you’re value and what you can bring to the table!
  • Often, Q4 preps for the new year. So don’t promote or do anything that you won’t be continuing for the next year.

Review Your Content

Creating and having enough content is probably one of the most important things you can do within this industry. Make sure you are recording a lot of content, getting your face / name out there and creating brand awareness for yourself! With Q4 coming up, it is smart to prep and schedule photo sessions.

Elevate Your Email

  • Clean up your subscriber list.
  • Import new subscribers to your list, let’s get everyone in the know! They choose to follow you for a reason, so let’s keep them educated with what you’re doing!
  • Delete bouncing emails that are costing you.
  • Make sure your newsletter has all the correct links and buttons for the best call to action. Clicks, purchase buttons and booking buttons should all be functioning correctly.
  • Increase the amount of newsletters you are curating. The more your audience sees you on their screens, the better!

Get Talking!

GO LIVE! Going live on platforms, especially Instagram, is such a great resource to allow your audience to get to know you on a deeper level. Talk to your audience. Lay out your plan for each month on what they should expect and look forward to, but remember you must be prepped to deliver. Demonstrate to them how you will help them, and give them a call to action direction and have your content ready.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Curate discount and coupon codes for influencers you want to work with that will result in a high return on investment and in increase in brand awareness. This is a great opportunity for customers to get a discount through someone’s code, while also having the influencer getting a profit.
  • Gift Guides are a great way to lend a helping hand to your audience when it’s near holiday season. The more of a resource you can be, the better.
  • Social Media ads can be helpful to increase your analytics on social media. I cannot emphasize the importance of increasing your brand awareness on to get your name and face known.
  • Sales Events
  • Abandoned email cart flows
  • Landing Pages
  • Retargeting Ads

Most importantly, BE A RESOURCE! Don’t just post a flashy photo or video. Use the time to be a resource. Sell the problem you solve not the product.

CHECK OUT THIS DOWNLOADABLE CALENDAR TO STAY ORGANIZED FOR QUARTER 4! With a loose plan of what your Q4 planning should look like, use this calendar to help stay organized and planned to end the year strong.

Thank you friends for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you gained some insight to help you have a intentional marketing approach for a successful Q4!

If you have a question or topic for us to tackle please leave a comment below.




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