April 23, 2019

RSTHECON 2019 A Photographer’s Edit

RewardStyle Conference 2019 Dallas Texas

OKAY!! So have you seen so much of #rsthecon or LikeToKnowIt all over my Instagram and are scratching your head wondering what in the actual hell is all this about? Why is it important that these Women & Men ( yes MEN are Bloggers too!) are dressed up taking images, boomerangs, and filling up our feeds with all this glamour mumbo jumbo? Also, Audrie, why is it that you would want to photograph this “style” of imagery!! It’s simple, there is much more than meets the eye. What you don’t know is all of these women are actual Marketing Representatives of their own Brand and/or for a Brand!! These “Glamorous” people are some of the hardest working entrepreneurs I have ever met. The imagery is just the key like any business to create consumer appeal of a product/s , services, & more. They have a dedicated audience that is proven to create large sales revenue. Want to dig in, are you a numbers person because these statistics will make you want to think if this line of work is for you? Not only am I a photographer I have an entrepreneurial mind, and photography is my tool that guides me through my e. I love to hear the statistics for affirmation that I am in the perfect niche of photography that fits me and the business brand I want to build. The world of Blogging and being “Instagram” famous is a lucrative business and in between the statistics and imagery I promise you will discover my why as a Photographer & Entrepreneur and how there is passion for my niche of photography.

Nashville Tash

So let’s start at the beginning !!

What is a blogger? What is an Influencer?

A Blogger is someone who writes detailed information regularly on an updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

An Influencer is someone who inspires another to take action.

Both Bloggers & Influencers use Social Media Outlets to direct viewers to their websites to retrieve their content they have curated for you!

So, how do RewardStyle & LikeToKnowIt Have to do with Blogging?!

LikeToKnowIt is an app used by Bloggers/Influences to link their items , like clothing, housing items, decor and more to Companies where the products can be found for purchase. The Blogger receives a commission from the purchase.

RewardStyle is the parent company of LikeToKnowIt driving more than $1B in annual retail sales by uniting brands, influencers, and consumers through the power of distributed original content.

RewardStyle Statistics ( more information can be found from their website)

  • Located in Dallas, Texas
  • Over 250 Employees
  • Influencers located in 100+ Countries
  • 4,500+ Retailers
  • 1 Million Brands
  • 530 Million+ Consumers
  • 1 Billion in Online Sales & The List goes on

Curls & Cashmere

To Really dig in on Statistics I invite you to follow this link in the viewing of both sides of the spectrum . Here are a few eye opening touch points.

  • Digital consumers spend nearly 2.5 hours on social networks and social messaging every day.
  • 90% of brands use social media to increase brand awareness.
  • More than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products.
  • Stories are growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing.
  • 80% of major brands now use stories on at least one social network.

The Beauty Beau

So what is the Actual RewardStyle Conference & How Do you get Invited ?

The RewardStyle Conference has been held in Dallas for the past 7 years! Those at #rStheCon are selected based on internal performance metrics measuring audience growth and engagement over the last year. Once chosen to come to the Dallas, influencers have the opportunity to network with major global brands, from Mary Kay and Macy’s to Urban Outfitters and eBay. 202 Bloggers were in attendance this year . – Per Paper Magazine. Ready their Full Article & Coverage HERE!

The Double Take Girls

Haute & Humid

Fashionably Jess

Rainie Tian

Simply Darlings

Twenties Girl Style

My Photographer Role

So what’s my role as photographer in all of this?! First and foremost I solely work for myself and was not personally invited by RewardStyle, I am Freelance hired specifically by clients to capture imagery for them. I collaborate with the Blogger/Brand/Company to capture imagery in the best look requested by my client and brand. From lighting, product placement, location of session, Editing, final delivery of imagery . My job is to tell a story through imagery creating consumer appeal. I concentrate on the content and the technical aspects so that the client can focus on their business and all the moving parts. My role as the Photographer is to listen and execute to my fullest potential. From Fashion, Food, Decor, products and more it can all be seen and photographed in so many ways and I love having the tool and opportunity to work in this industry. My business is to shine the light on your business that your service or product becomes tangible, obtainable, and in the end profitable!

Audrie Dollins

Of course I had to take part of the Action because I mean how cute is the LikeToKnowIt Wayfair Cottage!!!! I am not a Fashion Blogger.. I find comfort in my tennis shoes curating imagery is my business for your business. Head to My Instagram Saved in Stories All The behind The Scenes fun!!

References: Facts and Statistical information for this blog post can be found via the following links:




Paper Magazine

Thank you so much for reading my little spot on the web!! Please note all these opinions are of my own. I was not hired by RewardStyle . I am a Freelance photographer hired by individuals & or businesses.

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