July 28, 2021

The New Way to Network

The way we network today has changed IMMENSELY. We’ve moved from in-person meetings and we’ve moved to social media to do the work for us. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and even dating apps like Tinder and Hinge are allowing us to network in ways we could have never imagined we’d do ten years ago. In fact I bet you have even had a Zoom call or two just this week! When speaking to my clients I always will say , ” Social media and your website is your digital business card. It’s a way for you to speak to your ideal client.” You also have to use online platforms with the idea that everyone can see, first impressions can pave the road to start a new connection.

Covid-19 Changing The Networking Game

Oh March 2020 — we all remember it. Staying home, masked up, avoiding contact with people as much as we could, but for people in the marketing / influencer business, this was a time where social media was thriving, so we used the situation to pivot and more and more people found themselves using social platforms more than ever before!

To keep our businesses growing, we need to network. But how can you network by not physically seeing others or hosting events? We began to host Live chats, Clubhouse quickly became on the scene and now has reach 13 million downloads.

All platforms of social media have become tools to connect and meet people not only in the United States, but around the entire world. Platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn have allowed us to gain a following to get to know similar creators and potentially build a connection with them. We’re able to join groups, follow like-minded people and build relationships with others that we wouldn’t have if we didn’t use social media as a resource.

Networking Through Instagram

For me, Instagram has been a great resource for networking because I can use this for my weekly Instagram Lives where I can educate others and talk about everything I love! Utilizing Instagram Live has also allowed me to reach people from Texas, to throughout the United States. It has also allowed me to build a relationship with other influencers who have grown to become my friends as well! Going live with others has allowed me to also reach a larger audience that aren’t within my bubble. I gain familiarity from my Coffee & Conversations guests when their specific followers tune into my live. We’re always growing here!!

Do You Have A Business Card?

I have to admit I am guilty I have not had a business card for two years! Do you know how many times people used to ask me for my business card the last two years, SO MANY! I have gotten in the habit to say , oh do you have instagram or social media and 99/100 that would say yes but friends some times they say NO… and it happened to someone I highly respect and I sat there with nothing to give in return. I hated myself in that very moment. Now back in the day, yessss… I had one and in fact I felt like I was re-ordering every other month because I would want to update them or add something that I felt would be beneficial as certain people I come in contact for various business reasons and I wanted to cram as much information on an elegant card . Then I would get agitated because as busy as I am the cards would be crinkled bent or not up to par for me to hand to someone I respected. So i would still resort to saying do you have social media 😀 with a cheesy smile and pray they did. So upon speaking to my team telling them I needed a business card I was told about a digital business card and not only did it leave me feeling in the now, It seriously felt perfect for the many circumstances as listed above it solved. I wanted to convey the different avenues we offer, connect via social as attributes for the daily business can be seen there, offer a bit of my personality as well as important links that would create a possible business transaction, so I am trying out dot. I got the Whit Card, it is so sleek and totally my style. With dot. connecting with a new client or friend requires only a tap to the back of their phone or the card. Dot utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing the instant transfer of anything, from your contact info to your website and even all of your social media accounts. Dot devices come in the form of a smart business card and a dot that sticks to the back of a phone or any surface. A dot device boasts a minimal design as it acts simply as a medium of transfer. All the customization takes place on the dot profile. Users have access to different color themes, custom images, and several layouts to ensure their dot profile aligns with their brand identity.

Early adopters of dot have praised the product’s simplicity and ease of use. It takes only seconds to share, and once on the dot, profile users can download the contact card and have access to their website, personal bio, and more. Some even refer to it as magic. Networking with dot offers a unique start to a conversation along with a lasting first impression.

Please note this is not a collaboration as this is simply my love for a product! You can simply add digital changes without having to print 500 plus disposable cards that don’t align with your current brand. I know genius, the new way of networking with this business card has me on cloud 9!

Resources for Creators

It’s not easy being a creator, but nowadays it’s more and more likely that anyone can step into the game. With all the social media platforms out there, to passionate influencers around the world, aspiring influencers can gain the confidence to just get started, which honestly is the hardest part. The creator community is such a tight knit community, so help is never too far away. I’ve been able to make connections with so many brands, businesses and influencers through these resources. Instagram is also providing so many beneficial resources for creators, like badges and bonuses, which can reward you through payments for staying consistent on making reels and Instagram Lives.

CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY! Staying consistent with lives, reels, etc. will allow your followers to become familiarized with your socials, which makes it easy for them to keep up with you. Remember you don’t have to be a pro at them all just pick a few that you find fits your business strategy the best and follow through each day.


Thank you for reading, Friends! I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!

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