August 2, 2021

Your Closet Is Your Brand

Hi Friends!! When it comes to clothing and what you wear, there are so many factors to consider. We all know when we look good, we feel good. And that’s true! What you wear says a lot about you and your personality. As a content creator and influencer, our clothing represents our brand, and therefore how people see us, whether we love it or not. From prepping for a photoshoot to sculpting your personality, what you choose to wear will affect you and your brand. Down to the details, your clothing says a lot about who you are and how you feel! So how do you want potential clients to perceive you? The answer is not a this way or that way it is a reflection of who you are and what you choose is perfect! Let’s be honest there are some days I come dressed for success and other days it’s athleisure but I totally judge my days accordingly to feel confident with my choice in each situation.

Finding Your Style

It’s not as easy as it sounds. We’ve all been through multiple closet clean outs, major shopping sprees, and the dreaded sentence “I have nothing to wear!” In reality, you’re seeking a change in personality, style and brand. Often times, when someone first meets you, or even just gets to know you throughout a period of time, they start to notice how you dress and accessorize. They then start associating pieces of clothing they see to your style and brand. Have you ever looked at someone and perceive their

Today, in a world full of influencers, our styles can reflect the creators and influencers that we follow. First off, we follow them because we like their content, their personality, and what they wear, we relate to them and they make you feel a certain way that is what a brand is all about. Hence the word — “influencer!!!” Think of your favorite influencer or content creator. He or she just posted a picture of their outfit and you LOVE IT. You follow the link to the pictured outfit and purchase it. Your style and brand has been swayed by someone who you are inspired by so not only make sure you .

If you are an influencer, it is essential to create content in the clothing that you love and believe represents you best. Your following needs to see you in what you love and stand behind, so your brand stays authentic. Social media has been such a great outlet for people to use clothing to keep their branding true to who you are. Even when you are not showing your outfits on social media, you should still stay on brand with your everyday looks. Prepping for a branding shoot we have you covered CLICK HERE for a free download worksheet!

Maximize Your Style, Minimize Your Effort

Creating a style for yourself shouldn’t be hard, it should be fun! There is no need to go to extreme measures to curate a closet that represents your brand. There are multiple things you can do to elevate your style and brand, but not over work yourself with too much effort. Find things you already own and try to style the pieces differently — or in a way you have not tried out yet. This will give your already-worn clothes a new look and feel!

A good outfit isn’t about the effort, it’s about how you FEEL when you’re in the outfit. You could put 110% into an outfit and still not like the outcome. You could put 50% effort into an outfit and it’s an absolute dream. Confidence is key when it comes to maintaining your brand — and when you dress confidently, it shows.

Organize Your Sock Drawer

Now that you have a direction of how clothes can have a major affect on so many avenues of confidence it’s also important to see the benefits of having your style organized along with your closet. There is nothing worse than starting your day when you reach in your sock drawer and nothing is matched ! So honey organize your sock drawer and prepare your week for success. It’s most likely you already have the outfit that is perfect for your day but you’re not organized so you just feel like you have nothing new and fresh.

My darling friend Bonnie of Shop with Bonnie is an incredible resource as an experienced Wardrobe Stylist and a Friend in Fashion!

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