December 28, 2018

Thank You For The Best 2018

I am so overwhelmed and grateful from the many clients who worked with me in 2018! You all impacted my life tremendously and have taught me so much to prepare for a prosperous 2019!

I have learned so much from so many of the talented Entrepreneurs I have the privilege to work with! The past year and a half I started molding my business to focus on Entrepreneurial and Business Photography. A decision I am so glad I made! I am in the amazing realm of curating imagery to increase audience and business growth for clients and businesses. I LOVE entrepreneurship and nothing gets me more excited than talking business. I’m even known to go out with friends and I am totally that girl that begins the work convos, its my addiction, and it’s not a bad one to have in my opinion. Thus creating the understanding as a photographer, the weightiness of a single image and how it can transform a business immensely and gives a window and insights to consumers of a business or Entrepreneur. I am dedicated to continue to educate myself, my photography talents, and more to continue the path of catapulting businesses with imagery.

I am overwhelmed already for the amount of Wedding bookings I have already secured for 2019. Entrusting me on your special day for imagery for you to cherish is beyond rewarding. As stated above, I focus my skills on business and entrepreneurs. However, with a large background and many connections in the Wedding Industry I take a very small amount of Weddings so I can spend detailed amount of time curating your love story imagery.


356….I look at that number and it literally makes tears swell up in my eyes and my emotions feel so many different ways. Proud, Exhausted, along with What the hell was I thinking.

356… I say it again to let it resinate…

That is how many sessions I have photographed in 2018….this doesn’t include second shooting, pro bono, or photographing my own content. Meetings, emails, and all the work to keep a business afloat. 356 Sessions , Edited , & Gallery Delivered Completions. .

One sentence to refer to my photography business of 2018..
What a year of growth in all forms! Personally and Professionally!

What a year of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I failed and achieved. I cried and I laughed. I never gave up, when at times I thought it would be best. A year of complexity. A year of shear hustle. 2018 you have molded me to a vision for 2019 to hone in on what is important to my brand and how I will better serve my Family and my Clients. I am so beyond grateful to the clients who entrusted their vision for me to capture. I am grateful to those who disagreed with me, as you have taught me as well. I am grateful for the friends and my enduring husband that held me up and pushed me to keep going. When damn it… at times I was just depleted. Ohhhh my sweet, smart, loving children.MY REASON for 356 times I was away from you to follow this Entrepreneurial journey and loving me when I felt unloveable! You both are the essence of beauty that fulfill my heart! .

Thank you to all my clients and followers as its for you I can do what I love of curating imagery to accelerate brands and businesses!

2019 Look out because I’m coming for ya !! I’m Organizing , planning , and putting it into action!!

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