December 14, 2018

2018 The Best Gift Guide for The Entrepreneur

If you missed it I shared my favorite Books & Podcasts for the Entrepreneur, I have updated it with a few more to kick off  your 2019 !! Today I am curating a list for the Entrepreneur ! I am all about getting gifts that keep on giving and not wasted money!! Gifts to prepare yourself and your Entrepreneurial  friend will have you both excited to start the new year!!

I received a 2019 Planner as a gift and I cannot be more thankful !! I love putting my thoughts down and staying on track to my goals I set! This Planner makes the perfect gift for all, and wait for it… It’s under $20!!! 

2019 Bloom Daily Planner

Of course when you are jotting down all your goals do it in Fashion!! This Kate Spade Pen & Pencil set is the perfect final touch to your Planner Gift!! Talk about cute, am I right? Under $45 for Kate Spade, Yes PLEASE!!

Is this not the greatest gift for someone who has everything!! Uhooh My Christmas list is getting bigger!! My watch My Phone is always jumbled and this organization makes my heart sing! Other colors are available 

Loving all things marble!! Take Their boring old laptop and step it up a notch! The best thing about this is not only that it’s the cutest, its under $20!!! WHAT!!! Make Sure when you check out this is the correct size you need!! Other colors are available !! 

If you are going to be on point your desk needs to be as well!! (okay and a little secret. It’s the photographer in me, you use these pieces in the perfect imagery to do accents lay flat and filler images.)

I use to think that a mouse was old school but I still use one for my iMac and obviously I am on a marble kick and for a gift under $10 I think it would be the cutest gift wrapped up with a Starbucks gift card don’t you?!!!! $10 Gift Card and You Have a Thoughtful gift under $20 Great for Teachers and Office Friends!!! There are several styles to choose from!

Yo Google!! We know Google Home is all the Rage and one of the hottest Christmas gifts!! What a perfect gift under $20 to make the google home personalized with this Decorative Hard Case Cover!! 

I am always a sucker for a Picture Frame!! Like NEVER ever am I mad at it!! Call it cliche but give me all the frames so I can cherish the images that motivate me to keep hitting my work goals!!

Matching Marble Coasters & Candles are perfect touches. I love being in an office that is confident and yet cozy!!

There is never anything more amazing when I receive gifts that help my business expenses and or helps me back up my own personal items!! It’s not marble, its not fancy, its a MUST!!! 

Last but not least I am going to add a few of my favorite Photography loves! After all , that’s how I started my Entrepreneurial journey and I truly feel no matter field you are in imagery Catapults any business and brand . You don’t have to be a pro to do the basics!!

My Camera Choice

My Lens Choice

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my gift finds for the 2018 Entrepreneurs in your life!! I love how some of the gifts won’t impact the bank but it will impact the perfect way as the best gifts for your goal conquering friends and family!!

**This post contains some affiliate links. I will make a small commission based on purchases for some of the products mentioned! I so appreciate you stopping by and utilizing those link when purchasing these gifts!


Audrie Dollins

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