March 2, 2020

What is an Influencer & Branding Photographer?

Hi! If we haven’t met, I’m Audrie Dollins– Content Creator, Branding and Influencer Photographer. But what is it that I really do?
Let’s break it down! I’m explaining the services I provide and my strategy behind each one. 
I’m spilling it and letting you know how I help clients with their Business, Brand, & Products to create an online presence that’s appealing to their ideal customer. 

Branding Photography 101

Brand photography is a collection of professional images that represent your business visually, and coincide with the way you want to be perceived by the world. Color scheme, background, lighting, props, facial expression, style — these can all dramatically change how your brand is perceived.

Each business needs their own brand to show what makes them different from everyone else. What makes you stand out?  

I help develop a businesses’ visual branding through photography. Branding images can include you, your team, your products, your process, your workspace, and other things that make your business special.

In many businesses, especially in influencer marketing, service based companies, and small businesses, the owner/operator is the face of the brand. They represent the business – they are the essence of the brand. 

And so it’s crucial to have photos that highlight your personality, create your image, depict who you are, and what your WHY is all about. 

Beautiful, professional imagery will help create the “know, like and trust” factor with your customers, so that whatever you’re sellin’, they’re buyin’! 


Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing? One simplified way to describe it is BFF marketing.

You see your best friend talking about this new eye cream that she LOVES and so you go out and buy it. But it may not be a “real life” friend! But it’s someone you follow online and feel connected to. You trust their recommendations. You are “influenced” by them (and may not even realize it!)

Influencers are the core of my photography business. I help lifestyle and fashion bloggers/influencers, and business owners with their constant need for fresh content for their online presence, like their website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, newsletters and ads. 

Professional, quality photos help elevate your brand making it more appealing, attractive and beautiful. They empower you to influence the world around you. Through imagery it makes telling your story so much easier and decreases the anxiety of online and social media marketing.

Working with a Branding Photographer

A branding photographer is different than a family photographer. There is a whole process that helps direct what imagery I will create.

1. In-Depth Research of the Existing Brand:

First before our conversation or meeting takes place. I have already reviewed their Social Media, Website, and Googled their details. I want my own first impression and what I can find out about your Business Brand or Product without you guiding me.

2. Initial Phone Consultation:

When I meet with a client or have a phone consult to review their online presence and how I can assist them in their online content I ask several questions and enjoy listening to their enthusiasm on what they have been working on behind the scenes.

Second I get to know the client here about what they do, how long they have been doing it, and what direction they are heading in or want to head in.

Third I then ask them what their vision is for their sessions. What is their goal with the imagery. Of course we all jump to, “someone sees my images and buys everything!” But each session creates your journey, that creates your traction, then results in the transaction!

Preparing for the First Branding Shoot

3. Creating a Preferred Content Shot List

I break sessions down so that they are not overwhelming trying to fit in so much in one day. If you do that, by the end of the day, you want to cut corners because you’re tired and you are over it.

4. Content Strategy

In our session, we’ll talk about how to best use the imagery you’ll recieve so that it’s relevant, purposeful, and flows naturally.

For example, posting a winter photo doesn’t always go well during the summer. You want to stay in the times and stay relevant. Not saying you cannot use an older image, but it’s fun to see the behind the scenes in the story and then hit them with the final product as if they were apart of the journey.

The Initial Branding Photo Session

This is what I usually call the “grit” session. This is one of the longest sessions as we will get base images to start your content. 

The client will receive their Professional Online Gallery where they can download their imagery in high and web sized files.

However I strongly recommend them to have a plan with their images and not post them immediately , that’s why i recommend them with that second pdf that we made to use tools to create your content posting strategy.

My images are complete now what do I do. Just like with starting your shot list, use the imagery as a base to begin telling your story.

Start with your Website images- Put your most beloved and eye catching imagery on your About Me, You want to always match your main image to all your social media links so you can be easily identified on all platforms. Use an image not a logo to identify your brand.

Then begin to plan your social media with the services or objective you want to convey to your audience.

Social Media Marketing

When planning out your content, you will see the holes or the directions you may need to fill in. So this is where you begin to create your strategy for your next photo session. This is why we offer reoccurring session at smaller price points– so that your content can flow and not hender your marketing strategy or financial budget.

DO NOT post all your images the same day because of excitement that is absolutely a waste of your money.

Social media platforms and apps these days are readily available for you to create content be on the same marketing platforms and stomping grounds of the biggest companies on the planet.

In a time when marketing companies are a large financial burden, you have the opportunity to grow your small business wildly- with minimal costs! So taking the time to create a consistent strategy can be a huge catapult to success.

Online and Social Media Marketing is the way of the world. You can complain about the train moving so fast, or you can hop on and take your business for a ride to victory lane, and my services help you do that.

Let’s get started! Contact me below to book your Branding Session today!

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