February 28, 2020

Photography Tip Tuesday Roundup

Did you catch my new weekly series on Instagram stories? Each Tuesday, I’m sharing tangible advice on how you can instantly improve your photography.

Below we’re rounding up all the tips in one spot so you can have this juicy goodness available at your convenience:

  1. Five Tips for a Flawless Shoot
  2. Free Download: 10 Step Editing Workflow
  3. Lighting Tips & Gear 
  4. Why Small Business Imagery Means BIG Business
  5. Five Tips for Amazing Photos Using a Phone! (Plus Download a Free Preset!)

Week 1: 5 Tips for a Flawless Photo Shoot

  1. Hire a professional photographer. Professional images circulate the web and catch people’s attention!
  2. Chose your location wisely. Aesthetics matter!
  3. Prep, prep and prep some more! Have a shot list ready.
  4. Do your homework beforehand. Plan and get organized!
  5. Under promise and over deliver! Going the extra mile always pays off!!

Read the full blog post from lifestyle blogger Tanya Foster of TanyaFoster.com HERE

Week 2: (Free Download!) 10 Step Editing Workflow

Click HERE to grab your free download to simplify your photo editing!

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Week 3: Lighting Tips & Gear 

In Natural Light:

  • Find the Best Light 
    • that does not cause haze 
    • that’s not straight on
  • Find Shade 
    • Don’t let the image fall flat
    • The vibrance of the sun is great for skin tone!

Photography Workshop

  •  Use  a reflector to redirect  sun on subject (Available HERE on Amazon)

For On-Camera Flash:

Flash Bender

Use a Flash Bender to avoid harsh direct light (Available HERE on Amazon)

Speedlight (Available HERE on Amazon)

  • Don’t point directly at subject
  • Direct the light to uplight the room

For Off-Camera Light:

Constant (Available HERE on Amazon)

  • My choice of light 
  • Easy and versatile for all levels
  • Gives more of a lifestyle and natural vibe

Flash with Trigger (Available HERE on Amazon)

  • Great for Studio Shoots & Weddings
  • This takes time and practice on knowing your style 

Week 4: Why Small Business Imagery Means BIG Business

If you’re editing photos all day, who’s running your business?

When you delegate photography to a pro, that means you can recoup precious time to focus on the core of your business: generating leads, closing sales, and working with clients.

If you’re posting iPhone shots, how will your customers perceive your brand?

Professional imagery will help define and elevate your brand so you can grow your online presence and generate more sales!

Client Spotlight: Perfectly Gifted FriscoPerfectly Gifted Frisco

Since investing in professional photography with Audrie for our business we have seen substantial growth with our online presence and consistency. We’ve put a face behind the brand and that’s resonated with our audience and in the end adding to our business’s growth and sales.” Amy & Ewa of Perfectly Gifted Frisco

Read the full blog post on the importance of Small Business Imagery HERE 

WEEK 5: 5 Tips for Amazing Photos Using a Phone! (Plus Download a Free Preset!)

Lightroom Presets BEFORE & AFTER

  1. Take Advantage of Your Camera Settings. Use your grid!
  2. Lighting is Key (Turn Off Your Flash!)
  3. Shoot From the Proper Angle
  4. Set Your Focus with 1 Tap
  5. Use a Mobile Preset (Free Download!)

Read the full blog post and download a free Lightroom preset HERE

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Do you have any photography questions or topics you’d like to see covered in the next Photography Tip Tuesday? Drop them below!

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