December 7, 2020

Work Life Balance With The NYLO

How are you balancing work and personal life this holiday season? As an entrepreneur, we are always highlighting the glamorous sides, like encouraging words and images that show the fun parts of being an entrepreneur. We show the highlight reel as everyone likes to say! The neat people we work with and the boomerangs of us clinking our drinks together is just the beginning and I love every aspect of that. What you don’t see are the countless hours of staring at a computer screen, the rollercoaster of emotions (like the tears or the laughs of relief), the missed calls from family members, the parties you don’t attend because if you stay focused you could have one full day off without a task list lingering in your mind. When I need to balance work and my personal life I find choosing the NYLO helps me achieve that balance. If you have never had a staycation, I highly recommend it! I recently was able to collaborate with the NYLO Hotel and had such an amazing time. This boutique hotel was not only cozy, but so beautiful. If you live in the Plano, Frisco, Prosper area I highly recommend visiting them. 


I always snag a lovely bottle of wine and some fun treats when checking in! That’s why I love the NYLO they think of everything so I focus on work and relaxation. From healthy to sugary they have it all. I grabbed some candy and a healthy bar to play for the tie during my staycation!

On a side note, Boxed Bites also delivers locally in the Plano area so this was a fabulous snack to pair with my wine. They fit SO much into one box and delicately wrapped it with lavender. I was very impressed with not only the presentation but the quality and variety of ingredients as well. I will definitely be supporting this small business again. Right now they have a very festive box for the holiday season. It would be perfect for an easy date night idea, wine night with your girlfriends, or just a gift for a friend during this season of social distancing.

Conference Room: My assistant and myself were able to hold a meeting in the conference room at the Nylo. It can hold a large team with plenty of room. There is obviously Wifi available, comfortable chairs and great lighting. You also are able to properly social distance as well as have access to many tech capabilities that you don’t miss a beat and your meeting can be a complete success.

Lounge Area: Sometimes you need a change of scenery to work and the Nylo gives you just that! The lounge area is the perfect space to sit and have a cup of coffee while you knock out your to do list. There’s plenty of comfortable seating space, natural light, and available caffeine for a full days work if needed.

Bar/Restaurant: When the day is done I can enjoy a delicious meal fireside. My favorite part, obviously, was the delicious food and beverages the Nylo has to offer. There were a lot of options to choose from. Most of their drinks were traditional with a twist and I was not disappointed.

The menu had a variety of options from wings and pizza, to a huge salad with a ton of fresh toppings. The traditional wings were my personal favorite. They had so much flavor and paired wonderfully with my salad. My drinks of choice were a tie between the Mexican Moscow Mule and Coconut margarita. Talk about a hotel that really does food and drinks the right way!

S’mores: What’s a night by the fire without some s’mores? The Nylo provides it all! I purchased an adorable s’mores pack from the snack area, put on my comfy clothes, and sat by the fire that night. There really is nothing better this time of year than a good old fashioned s’more.

Spacious Rooms: When I head back to my room at the end of the night I have plenty of space to sit comfortably and privately in order to get any last minute shoots edited or tasks from my to-do list completed. It hardly felt like I was working I was so comfortable.

The NYLO makes work feel like play and that’s what I love about their beautiful hotels. If you need a staycation, they will take care of you! I had the best time taking a weekend to myself and finding a balance again of work and personal life. I caught up on my to do list and got ahead in my business thanks to a wonderful stay at the Nylo!

Head over to their Instagram to make reservations linked here!



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