December 30, 2020

5 Reasons to Attend The Branding & Photography Workshop

We said 5 reasons but I could seriously come up with so many! I guess we should have named it, ALL the reasons you should attend The Branding & Photography Workshop!

If you own a business no matter the type of business 2020 was all the reason why your business should have been online or why I needs to be right now !! In order to market your business, product, or brand successfully you must have an online digital strategy not just a social media you visit once in a while or pretty logo.

In this workshop we will give you step by step instructions on how to elevate your presence online and grow your business. Being an entrepreneur with an online presence is of the utmost importance in todays world, and we want to help! Of course we also want to make your time worth while, so we figured we would break down some of the reasons to join us on January 29th at The Lumen Room In Plano, Texas! We Only have Few Spots Left, as we like to keep this event small and personable!


Reason #1: Learn from the pros!

There’s always room for growth, right? Whether you’re a photographer, influencer, or business owner you’ll learn from a powerhouse of Influencers/Business owners that have exceeded in over millions of dollars worth of sales! The people that will be in the room with you are truly some of the most hardest working and genuine people in the business! Let us guide you so that you can be confident in your business, gather tips and help create your own space that ultimately results in an increase in engagement that flows into an increase in sales. I promise, every single guest speaker brings something different to the table. I can’t wait fo you to hear from them in an atmosphere like you have never experienced!!

We have such an amazing lineup of speakers that we have separated them into two panels! The Influencers + Brands Panel and the Creatives Panel. The creatives Panel adds that extra follow through kick punch who work alongside the Influencers, Brands, and Products to strategize and curate the content that helps deliver their brand message.

Reason #2: It’s about your BRAND

Taking your brand to the next level requires dedication, hard work, and most importantly, it requires consistency. Having an online presence isn’t just posting a photo of your product, service, or yourself. These images represent your brand– giving a sense of who you are, what you represent, your business’s personality, and so forth. What do you want your customers to think and feel when they see your business online? How do you think your images are perceived right now? Do they need a little help.. a sense of direction? Purpose? That’s where we can help!

Image of the fabulous Ryanne from The Recruiter Mom Blog

We will cover not only creating beautiful imagery but the marketing strategy behind it, how to plan your strategy, so you’re not lost and wondering, “What am I going to post today?!” We take away the anxiety of social media. You will learn to think like a content creator so that in the end, your ideal client has become your friend, and is telling all of their friends about it!

Reason #3: You can’t beat hands-on, in-person training! 

Here, you’ll be using your own social media platforms, camera (an iPhone counts too), and have numerous professionals with years of combined experience showing you one-on-one how to capture images in real time and in manual mode. We show you what those little buttons on your camera actually do. When shooting in RAW and in manual mode getting the best image straight out of camera will result in the best quality of imagery and a time saving skill. When and if using your iPhone we will share with you how to find the best light, along with our favorite editing tools!!

With hands-on learning, you’re much more likely to grasp the concepts and put them into practice sooner when you’re trying it yourself and seeing examples and demonstrations in person.

Importantly, you’ll get to ask questions and get feedback so that you truly understand the mechanics! Yes, we literally grab your camera and make adjustments with and for you!! That’s definitely something YOUTUBE could never do, LOL, just saying!!

Reason #4: Save your precious time and energy and learn how to use your camera the right way!

Let us teach you the RIGHT way to shoot, edit and post your photos, with a clear strategy of how to represent your brand with efficiency, skill, and knowledge.

No more spending HOURS trying to take pictures and edit photos, only to have them come out disappointing and unprofessional looking. Now you’ll be able to create beautiful imagery in-between your professional sessions, so your content stays fresh and you can get back to the core of your business.

I hope you caught that!! We said in between your professional sessions!! We are all about delegating tasks as business owners. In fact you have to learn to let go and entrust those you hire, but even with that you need to be able to have a clear strategy on how to prep for the photo sessions, style the photo sessions, and routinely push content that educates your audience and brings into play a call to action!!

Reason #5: You’re ready to take your brand & photos to the next level!

If you’re not a professional photographer with years of experience under your belt, you may be struggling with getting the shot you want. When you don’t have shots you like, it can turn into disappointing content, or content you choose not to use at all. This is not ok for your marketing and branding strategy! Not only is it not helping you tell your brand story it’s wasting valuable time away from your actual business. We want to help teach you to create beautiful photos that you LOVE. When you have images you love (and lots of them), you can create content for weeks to come and be able to stay consistent with your online presence.

Learn How To Pose To Give Your Images Life

Want to learn how to pose in photos so you don’t look awkward and stiff? Regardless if you are the one shooting the picture or posing for the picture, learning to get the most out of your photo opportunities will be something we teach in this workshop.

We’re spilling the beans on editing software, workflows, secrets and tips that you need to know to make your images POP, how to have a plan for your monthly content, and stay consistent in your online presence.

There is so much knowledge we have to share you will walk away with so many actionable steps your business will see results immediately just by implementing our strategy alone!! So join us friend and let’s do BIG things!!

There is so much more we will talk about and questions we will answer! We hope you will join us and start 2021 off with growth and knowledge to elevate your business!

ANOTHER FUN FACT!!! WE are Giving Away a Camera Bag on the day of the Workshop!! Make Sure You SIGN UP to win The Influencer Camera Bag designed by Audrie Dollins handcrafted in Tuscany Italy!!

TO RESERVE YOU SEAT PLEASE CLICK HERE! We can’t wait to see you on January 29th at The Lumen Room in Plano, Texas!

You Will Receive the Following when you reserve your seat for the workshop:

  • One on One with some of the top professionals in the industry
  • You may bring one employee to assist you ( must be an employee)
  • Facebook Group Full Access/ even after the workshop
  • Professional Headshots By Audrie Dollins and or Team Member ( this is over a $500 Value)
  • Product Styling Tailored to your business
  • How To Photograph using the best techniques
  • Branding Strategy & Marketing Tools
  • Detailed Workbook
  • Swag Bag
  • Food & Beverages

Please note we will follow all guidelines to properly respect the health and well being of each guest to prevent the spread of Covid-19. All masks will be worn as well as sanitize stations be in place.


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