August 10, 2021

The Vision of Podcasting

Hi Friends! Is anyone else feeling totally overwhelmed by how we consume media today? So much reading and watching, we’re starting to get numb to it. I love to take in my media consumption through social media — as I read blogs, captions, articles and more, but how I intake media has evolved to listening as well. With print media, digital, radio, billboard, etc., our mental capacity for ingesting media is getting overwhelming. Through the rise of social media, influencers and content creators or even just regular users are able to build a brand for themselves through consistency and passion. One way to spread news and build a brand for yourself is through podcasting, which is a growing market for consumers all across the world.


The amount of people who listen to podcasts, or even podcast creators has grown by millions over the past few years. Just in 2021, we have an insane amount of hours we spend on listening to podcasts — that being 15 BILLION HOURS. Woah!!! Whether that is a true crime podcast, fashion, educational, or purely for entertainment, listening to podcasts has grown out of its stigma and is now a popular way to consume all types of media. Through the use of Spotify, Apple Music, and other podcasting platforms, it has become so easy to listen during any time of the day. This is a reason why the market for podcasting is always growing. Whether you’re walking to class or work, driving, or just casually listening, it’s easy to take podcasts on the go and listen whenever it’s most convenient to you. Let’s break down the stats! According to an article by Georgi Todorov, we can see that:

  1. In the US, there will be an estimated 100 million podcast listeners by 2024.
  2. 32% of people say they discover new podcasts through WOM (word of mouth) advertising.
  3. 75% of podcast listeners listen to learn new information.
  4. The largest age demographic for podcast listeners is 12 to 24.
  5. The average person listens to 7 podcasts a week (2019 statistic).
  6. 87% of people enjoy listening to podcasts because they can listen while doing other things.
  7. in 2019, 59% more time was spent listening to podcasts than scrolling through social media.
  8. 65% of people enjoy listening to podcasts on mobile devices.
  9. Comedy is the most listened podcast genre.
  10. In 2019, the podcast advertising revenue reached $708.1 million.

All sources taken from


When podcasts first became a popular way to consume media, it became popular due to the easy access to listening. Now, it is a growing idea for content creators to film their podcast recording, allowing their viewers to real time (or watch later) watch the podcast get recorded. This allows for people to actually see the conversation happening, which makes consumers feel more involved in the conversation. With the growth of social media, we’ve seen podcasts rise in the standings for ways to advertise content as well. Through paid sponsorships, shoutouts and being able to physically speak about brands and things you love, having a voice to present those things is so helpful.

What Makes Podcasts Standout?

Creators are able to network with other creators, share their story and build their brand in a way where it seems more personal. There’s something about actually hearing someone’s voice that makes a more personal connection between you and said person. If you are able to hear your favorite content creator speak about brands and items he or she loves, you feel more likely to purchase or become more familiar with it. Even just hearing your favorite podcaster speak about topics they’re passionate about, or them conversing with other guests makes listenings feel genuinely apart of the conversation.

Podcasts I Am Loving

  1. The Jasmine Star Show
  2. The Secret To Success Podcast
  3. The GARYVEE Audio Experience
  4. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jena Kutcher
  5. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Soloman
  6. Absolutely Not Podcast with Heather McMahan
  7. Bokeh The Photo Podcast
  8. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  9. My So Called Fabulous with Tiffany Blackmon
  10. Hey Jessica with Jessica Stansberry
  11. 6 Figure Influencer with Allie Reeves
  12. Beyond Influential with Brittany Krystle
  13. Heart & Hustle with Evie Rupp & Lindsey Roman
  14. Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner
  15. Armchair Expert Umbrell with Dax Shepard


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