April 5, 2022

5 Reasons Why In Person Events Elevate Your Business

Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | How to elevate your business | Marketing | Brand Management | Influencer Marketing |
Audrie Dollins

As we finally begin to resume “normal” life after Covid, we are beginning to see a come back of in person events. I believe in person events are extremely beneficial to your business and can aid in elevating your business overall! 74% of attendees say they have a more positive opinion about a company after attending their event. 

Here are 5 Reasons why I find hosting in person events so beneficial for your business!

Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | How to elevate your business | Marketing | Brand Management | Influencer Marketing |

1. In Person Events Boost ROI

In person event have been shown to boost your ROI or return of investment. This means that what you invest in these events have been shown to often have a greater return up 300%. According to Hubilo.com, a Chicago based firm invested in a trade show across various different marketing platforms but kept in mind that their niche target audience would be attending this event, meaning they could market these products directly to their intended audience. By hosting this in person trade show event it helped them achieve an amazing 300% ROI resulting in elevating their brand significantly.

2. Improves Brand Engagement

Another way in person events can elevate your business is by improving your brand engagement! According to Hubilo.com, one if the main advantages of in person marketing at these events is the “immediate engagement among the target customers (or audience).” Like I mentioned previously, when you are hosting these in person events your specific target audience (the people that may be most influenced by you) are right there in front of you! This is huge for your brand as you will be receiving immediate engagement from your audience!

Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | How to elevate your business | Marketing | Brand Management | Influencer Marketing |
From Left to Right : Weston Richey, Rebekah A Blissful Nest, Leslie Backstage Life, Shatory Carr, Audrie Dollins, Cassie Hi Sugarplum , Mallory Style Your Senses, Taryn & Rick Newton, Michelle Rice .

3. Establishes Relationships with your Audience

Social Media is a wonderful way to stay connected with your large audience, but it lacks one thing…in person interactions. Another one of the amazing perks to in person events is the fact that you get to actually meet your audience in person! This helps establish a relationship with them beyond the screen and can help you understand your target audience more! As Seth Godin once said, ” “People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.”

Audrie Dollins & Cherish of AD Media Group

4. Allow You To Show The Authentic You

When hosting an in person event it doesn’t need to look like a specific marketing ploy. You need to be yourself and allow clients to bounce ideas and ask questions about the direction you have taken and are taking your business. Instead a marketing sales atmosphere connect and think of your event as drawing your audience closer together! Also by hosting your event you are able to portray any ideal message that your are trying to promote or get across without a shop now button attached that can be pushy and inauthentic. This is great when you are trying to promote and or introduce something to your audience! They get to see your authentic self and relate to you one on one .

Picture of Audrie Dollins + Tiffany C Blackmon at Neiman Marcus
Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | How to elevate your business | Marketing | Brand Management | Influencer Marketing |
Audrie Dollins with amazing client packages from Perfectly Gifted Frisco

5. Newer Connections can Lead to New Business Opportunities

Lastly, and arguably the most beneficial reason to hosting in person events is the networking opportunities. When hosting your in person event, it’s serving as a big networking circle. This is a great time to converse with brand reps, marketing reps, and your audience to really get your brand message out there! You never know who knows who for something you may be a perfect fit for! After-all word of mouth is the best form

As always, Capture.Brand. Engage. Let’s Do Big Things!!

I hope you found these 5 reasons in person events can elevate your business helpful and maybe served as a little motivation to host your next event! As always if you are needing help in any aspect to elevate your business be sure to check out www.admediagroupllc.com for more information!

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