March 8, 2022

Audrie Dollins Media Group Services Frisco Texas

Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | Influencer Marketing | Marketing | Influencer Management | Brand Marketing | Branding | Brand Management
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Let’s Have a Coffee Chat and talk about all the services that we offer here at AD Media Group! It’s a Caramel Macchiato for me, What are you having?

Did you know that the influencer marketing industry is set to reach $16.4 Billion dollars in 2022! The influencer marketing industry is consistently growing and is here to stay! If you are an Influencer this is definitely motivation to keep going and if you are a brand or business you are examining a strategy that will benefit your business in the realm of Influencer Marketing.

AD Media Group was founded to help bridge the gap between all the hats that business owners wear. AD Media Group creates and maintains a consistent call-to-action marketing approach for influencers and brands. Here at AD Media Group we not only offer a plethora of services to help elevate and grow your business through daily tasks, but we also have the privilege to connect influencers and brands together to increase product and brand recognition that ultimately increases sales.

When working with AD Media Group we generate a specific curated approach that is adjusted according to your requests and business demands to not only carry out your processes but to increase your revenue.

With each service offered each client will receive management services that are analytically driven that give you a direction and understanding of where your business is and where it’s going.

AD Media Group offers 7 Branches of Services with itemized subcategories that create a consistent online presence that is carried out by a multifaceted, educated, and experienced team.

1. CONTENT CURATION– Photography & Video Assets for multiple uses and platforms.

2. INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT– Everyday marketing structures and input tasks that are not limited to Content Calendar Curation, Collaboration Management
Email Marketing, Blog Curation, Monetization
Social Media Planning, Website Design/Maintenance, Photography/Videography

3. BRAND MANAGEMENT– We create an authentic approach to elevating your brand through several avenues of detailed services. From a step-by-step strategic strategy to product launches, we are with you every step to elevate and sustain your brand. We make the connections and create a liaison stream to the most influential. Content Calendar, Curation Email Marketing, Blog Curation, Influencer Campaigns.

4. MONETIZATION MANAGEMENT– consistent product input and linking to maximize profit across all of your platforms that include but are not limited to Amazon, LTK, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram,& more.

5. COLLABORATION MANAGEMENT– Liaison between brand and Influencer to assist with assets that include; Curate & Update Media + Rate Kit, Brand List Curation for pitching assets, Collaboration Negotiation, and Handling of Deliverables that carry out a successful campaign launch.

6. INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT– Generating a brief and aligning influencers with a brand that generates converting assets for the brand through the Influencers/partners’ assets and audience.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT– A structure and implementation of consistency of video and photography assets that are used for a call to action that links your monetization assets. Please note we are not a social media company we are a company that uses social platforms to deliver part of the marketing stream. It is NOT your or our only marketing strategy.

1. Content Curation Services

A picture or video is worth a thousand words.. I couldn’t agree more thus making content key to your marketing strategy. It sets the scene for the words to flow along with building an emotion into who is viewing and how they relate. At AD Media Group founded by a photographer, we offer services of content curation.

2. Influencer Management

One of the services we offer is Influencer management. This is where our experienced team assists bloggers and influencers with everyday tasks such as developing strategies and executing major brand deals. Through influencer management, our goal is to elevate your online presence from being a hobby to a fully running and established business. We execute this through many curated details including content calendar curation, blog development, email marketing, social media consistency, and monetization.

Meet some of our clients; Ryanne of The Recruiter Mom, Tiffany C Blackmon of My So-Called Fabulous , Roselynn Weaver Blog, Candace of Just Posted Blog, Kati & Lauren of Midwest Money Saving Mommas, Yash Singh of Hey It’s Yash, just to name a few!! For the full line up visit by clicking here.

3. Brand Management

Similar to influencer management we also offer brand management. This is where our team would assist your business and or brand from everyday tasks to developing upcoming sales or product launch strategies in addition to executing collaboration. Our goal is to help you elevate your brand through our consistent marketing model on all online platforms. The execution of these goals would be similar to that of our influencer management services including content calendar curations, blog/email/social media development, product launches, and influencer campaigns.

Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | Influencer Marketing | Marketing | Influencer Management | Brand Marketing | Branding | Brand Management

4. Monetization Management

AD Media Group makes sure that all content produced is placed consistently on platforms that are hyperlinked to grow your monetization assets. This includes Amazon and LTK. We are launching our Amazon OBS build-out services this spring so you can do your lives with a content that elevates the look of your lives.

5. Influencer Campaign Management

Regarding our influencer campaigns service, we execute these campaigns from start to finish. Our team will design a strategy for a seasonal sale, launch, or event and find influencers that fit your marketing and audience criteria. These campaigns not only result in brand awareness, but also in an increase in sales.

I cannot recommend Influencer campaigns more than any service that we offer for brands! SERIOUSLY!! If you are starting a new business that sells a new concept or product to get not only brand awareness but authenticity in a how-to approach in a quick and fast turn manner lies within in the essence of perfectly curated Influencers/Bloggers that share what makes your business stand out.

6. Collaboration Management

Managing Collaborations can be very time consuming and sometimes not so fun. Don’t fret, that’s what you have us for! Here at AD Media Group, we take that part off your shoulders and pitch to brands and media outlets that YOU are interested in as well as brands that we feel would be a great fit for your audience. Not only will our team get you in front of brands we already have a relationship with, but will connect the ones you want to connect with as well!

We are thrilled to share with you some of the most recent collaborations we have connected our influencers with! CLICK HERE for a list!

7. Social Media Management

We will create a consistent structure and implement your brand message and monetization with the key elements for your full return. Social Media is a part of a marketing strategy it’s not THE marketing strategy.

For each of our services, we offer a base structure so that our approach is organized and has everyone on the same page. Each client is given Advisement marketing through an analytical approach each week.

Make no qualms about it, it’s work and with this level up you will find the structure of your business becomes stronger.

Each of our services is tailored to fit your specific requests and needs. We always love to set up a time to connect with you via zoom or over your favorite beverage! Visit for details and we look forward to connecting!

As always Capture.Brand. Engage. Let’s Do Big Things!!

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Audrie Dollins | AD Media Group | Influencer Marketing | Marketing | Influencer Management | Brand Marketing | Branding | Brand Management

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