December 16, 2022

Prepping Your Business for A Successful New Year

Through the fun chaos of holiday parties and deadlines. I personally enjoy this time of year when I etch out time to reflect on the year and visualize what I want the new year to look like for my business personally, and professionally, and what my role is in each. There are key things that I evaluate to make those decisions and to see if it is the right time to implement and/or calculate action when and where I can. Remember, what we “want” cannot actually come into play until we have met certain growth stages to meet the expectation and direction of our decisions. I am breaking down what I evaluate and what leads me to those decisions so that it can possibly help you take a step back and view your business in a new light.

Audrie Dollins CEO and Founder of AD Media Group Frisco Texas Marketing Firm for Celebrity Influencers

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Policy & Pricing Updates

To properly update your policies and pricing to reflect on situational circumstances as well as review financial reports to calculate your updated policies and pricing structure. I feel that the transition of the new year allows a mindset and refresh to clients of your growth, success, demand, and boundaries that let you execute your services and flow of your company at its full success and potential. If you begin to change your policies and pricing deep into the first or second quarter it could not only send mixed messages to your client and potential client but, create mistrust between you both. This is also the time to discontinue services that may not be holding value or turning profit that benefits your company growth. If something you offer has caused strain or is not how you planned it to generate take this time to evaluate the approach or remove from your services altogether. It’s ok to run a business that YOU love and this is part of the step to say No.

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Overall Marketing Approach & Planning of the Year

Profit & Loss is pertinent to where you invest your time and money. Where it correlates to your goals and what you enjoy doing within your business. Correlating your profit and loss should reflect in your policies, fees, time management, and your marketing strategy.

Knowing these key elements will keep you organized and will help you disburse your assets throughout the calendar year for each quarter. You will also know what tasks you can delegate and to what extent. When you have a foundation set with your itemized goals and budget the team will be able to take a forward approach and inclusive approach.

Marketing in small businesses is often considered an extra, but it shouldn’t be. According to databox a small business should consider spending 7-8% of its total revenue on Marketing. This number will vary depending on your industry, your business capacity, the amount of growth you can handle, and how fast you want to make an impact. ( read full articel here.) Without sitting down and carefully planning your marketing plan for 2023 your content curation tasks and marketing strategy can get messy. As a multi-business owner and entrepreneur, I founded AD Media Group to help assist with everyday marketing tasks that help you stay relevant and consistent on multiple platforms so that your assets are making a daily impact across the board.

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Website & Online Platforms

As we are leading into the new year, it’s important to update your website to reflect the vision you have to accomplish your business goals and to niche down on your exact marketing message. I am one who loves to include as much detail as possible so that my ideal client can educate themselves about my brand and services to see if my brand aligns with their goals before reaching out saving the client and myself/company time. Saving the possible new client time with clear website communication, to me, is key to starting off a business relationship with clarity and success. To lead them in and be disappointing to them could leave a bad taste in their mouth about my company, as gotcha marketing is now how I choose to run my marketing. I would rather lay it out all on the table

Schedule + Execute Content Sessions

I am so passionate about content I feel like I speak about it every week when working with clients! I have also written a whole blog post on why I feel it’s the number one part of your marketing strategy no matter the business you are in. Read that blog post HERE! As a brand or business, you will ALWAYS need content! Content is probably the most essential asset you will need to portray a consistent online presence. Not only does content allow your customers, clients, audience, etc. to get to know you better, it also a great way to show your niche and brand direction. There’s also a right and wrong way to create content. Don’t be boring! Engage your audience so that they continue to come back.

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Social Media Outlets

Do not limit your social abilities to one outlet. The more you can show off your brand or business, the better! Social media is a fast-paced, always-moving industry. Make sure you can keep up with it! Of course, Instagram is a great platform to showcase content, it is also a great platform for short videos — those that can be informational, resourceful, or just for fun. Think about taking to Facebook, TikTok, and other popular social platforms. But, as we know, we cannot always rely on social media. When apps crash, your audience will not know where to find you if you do not also have a website they can visit you on. Your domain will never crash, make sure you are also consistent on these types of platforms as well. Make sure you keep your content calendar organized with your activity on various social platforms, because it can get overwhelming!

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Podcast– Joing a podcast allows you to get in front of a new audience. Through a short series and engagement with the podcast host the audience can develop a relationship with you that not only could generate engagement and following of your company but generate trust to do business with your company.

Instagram Lives/Facebook Lives– Like Podcasts when going live with another user it will not only allow you to get in front of other audiences but the added bonus is that Instagram not only notifies your audience that you are live but the other person’s audience you are going live with. This can gain contraction for your following and brand awareness in a short period of time. Doing lives consistently and making a part of your marketing routine will help move the needle of growth. Social Media is such a great tool to network! With the ability to connect with people around the world, why not use this as a tool to connect with as many people as possible? I took advantage of this as I did an Instagram Live every week to sit down and chat with other Influencers and Bloggers around the US. This allowed me to expand my circle greatly!

In-person events– There is no better way to connect with people than in person. This can include Open Houses, Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and being a part of Community Events.

When I am out networking or just out and about in general I am often asked for a business card. I am going to be honest I hate spending money on things that people will just throw away and most likely it’s crinkled when i reach for it with my everyday busy life, and it would be so embarrassing. I love the dot. card Instead of using a paper-made business card that can get lost or torn, the dot card is a plastic card with a QR code that links to all my socials and contact information in one. So not only can they follow me their favorite platform, they have my email and website details in one little touch of their cell phone. It’s immediately added to their phone unlike a business card that will most likely end up in the trash with a hope that they will enter it in their phone.

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I hope this insight of how I evelauate my company is helpful to get yours started in the direction on how you desire to approach 2023. Here are some other helpful Blogs that will assist with the growth of your business.


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