February 23, 2021

Capturing Branding Content in 20 Minutes

You are never too busy or so successful that you can’t market your business.

Don’t market for a period or during slow times, market for sustainability and generations to come. Consistently sharing your brand position is what makes you stand out and become sustainable over time. It’s easy to market when you’re trying to obtain new business (desperate times call for desperate measures) but showing up to be there when you have succeeded to a certain degree is what allows you to continue to level up and sustain. For instance when Covid-19 hit, if you didn’t have a foundation planned out for your business to contact or show your ideal client your pivot during this unorthodox time, then your posts and newsletters were not built up enough to carry your message. This is why curating content for the sustainability of your business is important. It’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a lead way into your operation, your new service, new product, or your pivot.

Have you ever wondered why successful entrepreneurs show up even though they have thousands, millions, or even billions in their account? Think about it…. they are maintaining their sustainability with their brand position for years to come. Companies that have been past down for generations are those that are on the lead understanding on what their consumer needs to see to convert them into sales. Right now marketing is all digital. From Social Media, Websites, Apps and more, the companies that find the most success are the ones that tell their brand position in their own words using the most current platforms to do so. I say this often, if a billboard was the number one way to promote your business I would be curating content and hosting workshops that would help you create the best billboard marketing campaign in the world. Although in some cases it can be successful to reach a broader audience, online and social media is the best. I want to help you and teach you to curate the best content for your marketing and brand position to be the most successful.

The first step is to identify your brand position (your brand position is not your logo), make sure your items are set in place like your website, social media outlets, newsletter, etc. Each quarter, design your marketing direction, whether its an exclusive sale, promoting a service, etc.

I find curating content helps me with my message I want to share by creating a base outline for the quarter as listed above.
Then I walk into my closet

I hear it all the time within the industry. My client hates to have their photo taken or I can’t get more than 30 minutes with my client because they are so busy. Maybe they want to be marketed, but you can’t explain to them how it is important to show their face and not just the product or an image that people don’t relate to. Let’s speak truth hear. People relate to people . If i see someone happy on marketing outlets I feel happy, If i see someone sad on marketing outlets I feel sad , The success of social media marketing is the engagement and the feeling that you bring to someone that causes them to take action .

Step 1

Walk into your closet and find your basics.

Grab a black shirt and black pants and a black shirt and white pants. No patterns. Then find all your easy transitional pieces like jackets, blazers & accessories likes hats and earrings. To step it up a notch, make sure your bring products you use daily like your brief case, bag, laptop, mug, umbrella, phone, and planner. Don’t know what you do with your hands? Fill them with things you use daily and are at your direct access. Do not go out of the way to buy “props” that aren’t necessarily needed for a basic content shoot. Save that investment for a launch or marketing sale. Remember right now we are creating content to fill the gaps and be consistent.

Step 2

Find a versatile location where you can use multiple spots all in one close proximity. Doing a quick change is key and using the full extent of the shoot location is key, along with posing to change it up .

Step 3

Keep the content creator mindset when photographing or posing for this content. You will mostly use 3-4 photos from each look, so do not spend so much time per look. Be mindful of posing so you aren’t standing or sitting the same way in each photo.

I have also created previous blog posts that will be most helpful Like The Content Creator Mindset and How To Plan Your Branding Session with A Free Downloadable Checklist .

Step 4

After receiving the content, insert it into your planning app to schedule. We use Asana Calendar and Planoly to coincide with our marketing strategy.

Taking this time to plan and curate content will ease the anxiety of your marketing strategy. It will be less of a big blown out task and more of a painless process you will find to be most helpful.

I hope this blog post is helpful or inspires you in your journey friend! Thank you for following. Much Love, Audrie


All images captured by Audrie Dollins Media Group LLC, Monetization links may be used but all opinions are that of my own.

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