October 19, 2020

The Content Creator Mindset

Each week I have the opportunity to work with business owners strategizing and preparing marketing steps to elevate their business online and on social. By using these steps and guiding clients, they are set up for success and have a plan to work off of!

What is The Content Creator Mindset?

“Before They Can Hire You They Need to Find You.” – Yelp

This statement couldn’t be more true!! I enjoy using the infamous YELP LOL. The reviews are so entertaining and they most definitely serve a purpose. Creating content and developing a online marketing and social strategy will put you in the forefront for people to do just that, find you! Yep, you got it, you can even add YELP as one of your online tools!

I feel my approach with content creator mindset is pertinent for all businesses. Even including businesses like construction companies, dentists, influencers, interior designers, chiropractors. Truly any type of business can benefit from the content creator mindset. In my opinion, it’s best way to handle your marketing strategy with direction and routine.

Online platforms are easily accessible to the masses now, and it has opened up the marketing capabilities. Not only can the HUGE corporations create epic online/social marketing campaigns, but the every day business can as well. The content you create is even put on the same platform with the big dogs. That’s pretty neat if I say so myself because the opportunity is endless with consistency, strategy, and mindset.

With the opportunity to market like the big wigs however, it doesn’t mean you should not delegate some of the tasks. I am a firm believer that our job is to market your company so you can focus on creating and producing your products or services to the masses while we create the content to share with the world.

But to be able to tell your brand message and share your ideas you must be in the mindset to understand the WHY and HOW this particular process can benefit you . So why do you meed you imagery and video for you business. It pretty well speaks for itself but let me break it down for you on my why!

5 Reasons to Create Imagery/Video Content for Your Business

When it comes to imagery for your business this is an approach unlike any other photography or imagery session you have experienced. It’s not a family session, senior session, this type of photography is done with precision and speed to create as much content to market your business for as long of a period of time as possible. This means quick outfit changes, quick location changes with props that are focused on the subject.

The Content Creator mindset is one I build my business around to help market my clients to reach their full potential with their audience and make an impact on potential clients while creating imagery for you.

1. Establish Your Brand Identity & Message for this specific Quarter.
-Relevancy to Season, Sales, Launches, Impactful changes that could benefit your audience.

2. Increase Your Online Presence with Imagery & Video.
-It’s easier to have direction with imagery & video to enhance and create engagement with your specific message.

3. Increase in Sales
– Creating Content that is consistent and precise that makes it easy for your audience to invest

4. Putting a Face to the Brand
– Creates trust with your consumer and followers that are investing in your brand, product, or service.

5. Decrease in anxiety with having a surplus of imagery to market on your social outlets
– I always say “set it & forget it”. Enjoy the holiday and let your hard work pay off. 

Now that we know our WHY let’s think about the process.

Here are the 5 steps of the Content Creator Mindset that will help you prepare for each marketing quarter

Like a football game, The year is divided into 4 quarters. This is mostly due to sales taxes due to the local and state government at the end of each 3 months of sales. So a minimum of each quarter I tell clients they need to create enough content to last the quarter. But I like to even do more and say once a month. Once a month you should plan a one-2 hour photo session to create enough content to last all 31 days of what your message you want to convey.

  1. Your Strategy or Approach. What are you creating content for? A specific sale? A holiday? An Event? The possibilities are endless but first you need to decide what specifically you are creating for.

2. The Prep or WHEN to create the content. How do you know when to start creating the content for each quarter? Let’s use the the holiday isle as an example. You hear it all the time oh my goodness they already have the Christmas items out and its not even Halloween yet!! YEP, that’s when you should start capturing for imagery and content for Christmas September/October!! When someone says Pumpkin Spice your Content Strategy for 4th quarter should be ready to go and all shoots should be planned!! Want less stress? Then plan!!

3. The Execution or How To Create the Content. When you create content, you need to be precise yet quick. What does that look like for your business? You need at least 4 to 5 different images to use for marketing purposes so keep that in mind. Click Here for a Free Printable to help you plan for your Branding Session and what to bring with you! Remember creating more authentic looks and atmosphere are most effective.

  • Strategy- What’s Your Monthly or Quarterly Goal- Topics/Content Calendar
  • Book Your Photographer/Videographer- Also Consider Grooming, Hair, Nails, Make Up Artists.
  • Curate Your Outfits + Props + Products
  • Receive Imagery and Video
  • Plan Out Your Posts Via Blog, Newsletter, & Social Correlation – Imagery & Video Needs To Correlate from each Platform. Post the same set of images to identify the topic at that time.
  • DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use all of your imagery in one week or post immediately because it looks pretty . Create a strategy It’s not just about posting , it’s about sharing to convert, creating a call to action is pertinent not to just fill space in your feed.

4. The Launch or when to share the content you created. The content shared need to compliment what is happening in real time. Although we have instructed you to Photograph Christmas in September /October we don’t recommend posting it to far from the actual happenings. The consumer needs enough time to see the product and engage to forecast their call to action. They also need to be able to purchase it in a timeframe that correlates with their life needs and what’s relevant in current time. So posting Christmas content in November for example isn’t far fetched as most shoppers are shopping November.

5. Think ahead to be ahead. Like I have said, there is less anxiety when you have a plan and content ready when its time. Use the strategies I have listed above to be able to seamlessly post content one step ahead of schedule. This way you have your content working for you while you are enjoying the benefits of your success.

By using these tools along with consistency you will see a huge impact on your business with online and social marketing when it comes to each quarter!



Audrie D.

Thank you for stopping in to enjoy my little piece of the www, I appreciate you.

All opinions are that of my own. No this post is not sponsored by Yelp 😉


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    Great information and very clear. Thank you for sharing.

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