January 12, 2023

Creating Content That Converts

Content is THE foundation for any effective marketing strategy. There! I said it. Without content, you will never have a sustainable and strategic marketing strategy. Content is the most essential asset you need to portray a consistent online presence. Not only does content allow your customers, clients, audience, etc. to get to know you better, but it’s also a great way to show your niche and brand direction.

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Creating content on a consistent basis and generating enough content is likely one of the most important things you can do within any industry. Generating and capturing content isn’t just for influencers and photographers, but for everyone. Real estate agents, lawyers, physicians, car salesmen, and even pest control companies need to generate content to market to their ideal clients.

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Hoop Earrings | Pendant Necklace | Sweater Dress | Hat | Boots

What’s a Content Calendar & Why You Need One

A content calendar is a calendar that indicates what content and assets are going live and on what platform. Content calendar curation begins at a macro level and works down to the nitty-gritty. Utilizing a content calendar will help you strategize long-term to market to your ideal client, audience, etc.

1. Intentional Marketing Direction

When generating your content calendar will not only hold you accountable it puts your ideas into fruition for you to follow through. Mapping out your strategy for that month will help you hone in on what areas of your business you want to touch on and interpret analytically what content is resonating with your audience, ideal clients, etc.

2. Idea Generator

While putting your ideas and structure on to paper this allows the creative direction to flow towards your goals creating a space for new ideas and marketing implementation to take place. It also allows you to alter or tweak an approach that worked for you “last time”. Taking the time to elevate the process

3. Consistency Across All Platforms

Your marketing strategy and brand message will mirror each other on all platforms. To make sure your brand message is clear and speaks to your ideal client your marketing message has to be clear on all plausible platforms. This way that your business is viewed as reliable , obtainable, and relevant.

4. Clear Brand Message Delivery

The content calendar allows you to layout a structure so than your brand message can be perceived clearly.

5. Direct Team Communications & Unity

The content calendar helps lay the ground work for your entire team to know what is going and when. It is important that your team all be on the same page and by staying consistent with your calendar you will find the consistency stem throughout your team’s approach.

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Creating Consistent Content

Not only is it important to create content for your brand, but it’s even more important to efficiently create content. What if I told you that you can generate 4 weeks of content in just one hour? I know that may sound hard to believe, but I promise you it’s possible! My rule of thumb when creating content for clients and business owners is to shoot 4 looks and 2 Reels in just one hour. Depending on your brand’s content needs, you may find that booking a 2-hour session once a month is the sweet spot to shoot the looks you want and generate the Reels you need. Why is this important? Well, according to the Media Lab, social videos are shared 1200% more than text of static imagery (Media Lab, 2022). If you knew that your ideal client was just a share away, the hour time investment doesn’t seem too bad.

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Camera Lens Cover

My recommendation is to shoot a one hour session every month so you are consistently putting out new content. However, if a professional session is out of reach for you at this time, you can still generate high-quality content on your own. I have a few tried and true content creation products that I live by if I’m generating my own content and what I use for client sessions. I cannot tell you how much the Amazon camera lens cover sleeves have saved my sanity and camera investment! If you’re a busy content creator like myself (and you are!), then you understand how frustrating it can be to find the right lens cap for the right lens. No worries! These Amazon camera lens cover sleeves adjust to fit every lens and are even waterproof! Check out my Reel below for how to use this investment saving product!

Content Creation | The Essentials

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DJI | Ring Light | Lens Cover Sleeve | Large Lens Cover Sleeve

Another staple you must have in your toolbox is a ring light! Not only is it helpful when the lighting isn’t cooperating but can be used as a tripod to help you achieve that high-end content you’re seeking. One of the biggest investments I made with my gear recently was my DJI. The DJI is an amazing product that you can use with your cell phone or a professional camera to achieve a steady, high-end look. No need to worry about shaky hands or unsteady surfaces as the DJI will adjust for a smooth and elevated look.

Shop My Amazon Look | Neutral Outfit

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Hoop Earrings | Pendant Necklace | Sweater Dress | Hat | Boots

When shooting your content, be sure to wear items that align with your personal brand and makes you feel the most confident. I strongly recommend shooting in solid colors as more detailed designs can get muffled in the final content. I often resort to Amazon for my fashion as it’ll be on my door step in 2 days, but has a wide variety of products to suit everyone. I have been loving this neutral sweater dress and I’m happy to report it comes in multiple colors to fit any style. I tend to stick to minimalist jewelry for a timeless look. Chunky hoop earrings and a pendant initial necklace are a simple and on trend accessory to pair together for your next content shoot.

For other content creation tips and insights, be sure to check out some of my favorites below!

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the helpful tips and services I bring to you. As always I am here to help and there is nothing off limits I am willing to share to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.


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