April 27, 2023

Preparing as a Podcast Guest: What You Need to Know

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CONGRATS! You were invited to be on a podcast! Going on a podcast is an incredible opportunity to grow your audience, connect with other business owners, and ultimately, increase your sales. However, I know it can be daunting to try something new without a road map for how to approach it. As I’ve had the privilege to be a podcast guest on The Bokeh Podcast, My So-Called Fabulous Podcast, Double E by Elizabeth Marie, & Sports Pharmacy Podcast. I wanted to share with you what I WISH I knew before being a podcast guest. I promise if you follow these steps, you will be a podcast pro!

PLUS, A FREEBIE! Keep reading below for a Podcast Prep Checklist that you can use to prepare for the podcast so YOU can be the best guest.

Step One: Update Your Bio

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It’s important for this new audience to understand your background and what VALUE you bring to the conversation. This is pertinent to establish yourself as a credible resource because if you do not, your message will likely be missed! When updating your bio, this is a great opportunity to determine what specific aspects of your background confirm your credibility in the podcast conversation. As the goal of being a podcast guest is to grow your audience and spread your message, the audience should have the most current and accurate representation of you. Be sure to have your bio updated and ready for the podcast host so YOU can establish credibility.

Step Two: Establish What You Will and Will Not Discuss

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Your story deserves to be told the way YOU intend for it to be told. Determining what you will and will not discuss allows you and the podcast to clarify the angle and tone of the message. This also gives you the space to determine if certain topics or ideas are off-topic for you, or ones you definitely want to explore. For example, some business owners (like me!) are private about their families, so that is always something I’m mindful of when I’m a podcast guest. Clarifying the topics of the podcast will also confirm that you and the podcast are aligned which will in turn make a more productive conversation.

Step Three: Be Camera Ready

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I know when we think of podcasts, we generally think of audio-only. However, many podcasts have a video element as well. Be prepared to be on camera for your podcast appearance just like you would for a shoot! I’m talking hair, lashes, self-tan, makeup, outfits, the whole nine! You want to represent the best version of yourself and believe me, when you’re looking your best, you’re performing your best! Dressing like the boss YOU ARE will give you the confidence to thrive on the podcast!

PRO TIP: Be sure you’re generating your own content while you’re a guest! A Day in the Life or Behind the Scenes content are some of my most favorite sneak peeks at the podcast!

Step Four: Relax and Know You Got This!

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The best conversations are natural and effortless ones. Know that you are on this podcast because you offer helpful insights and bring value to the conversation. Show that confidence in your podcast by treating this conversation as natural as you would with an old friend. Your natural confidence will shine through and hook a new audience which in turn will GROW your business!

Podcast Guest Checklist

I have put together a checklist for you to organize your thoughts so that you can be the best podcast guest. This way you not only can knock it out of the park but you can create opportunities for more guest spots that ultimately grow your audience and brand awareness. This checklist covers everything from preparation before the podcast, how to succeed during the podcast, and what to do following the podcast to generate the most success from your appearance on the podcast.

Join Me on a Podcast!

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I had the honor to join a few friends in the industry’s podcast recently and was OBSESSED! It was such a joy to connect with other business owners and share my insights. Be sure to click the links below to view a Day in My Life: Podcast Guest Edition and CLICK HERE to be the first to know when these podcasts go live!


DAY IN THE LIFE: Podcast Edition! Join me while I prepare to be a guest on a podcast✨ #entrepreneurtips #podcast #podcastguest

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As always, I hope these insights help you guide your business to the most success. I love assisting fellow entrepreneurs and content creators find their footing and capitalize on it. For more business insights and entrepreneur helpful tips, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter for these updates straight to your inbox and see some of my favorite blog posts below.


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