April 20, 2023

How to Shoot High-End Content On Your Own

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

As a professional photographer by trade, I will always recommend shooting content consistently with a professional. However, I understand that schedules may not always align or you have a quick turn you need to meet. But, I also know how pertinent and valuable it is to generate high-end and elevated content that aligns with your brand and what you’re selling! Here are a few tips I recommend to clients as a professional photographer when shooting content on your own.

Start with Great Lighting

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people overlook how vital great lighting is when generating content. I recommend shooting in natural lighting and avoid shooting directly outside in the peak times of the day to avoid harsh shadows and contrast. This approach showcases your content true to color. If the natural lighting isn’t aligning, no worries! That’s what we have ring lights for! I absolutely love using ring lights on my own when shooting content and they double as fabulous lighting for my Zoom meetings! My favorite ring light even has different options for the tone of your light: both warm, cool, and neutral tones.

Keep a Simple Background

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

I know that trendy mural you drive by constantly is super tempting, but elevated content comes from simplistic backgrounds. Why is that? This way you are able to use that content for various outlets: website, blog, newsletter, social media outlets, etc. The simpler and cleaner the background, the better! I often opt for white backgrounds and for pops of color. I use solid color walls or walls with minimal pattern or texture. YOU are the main focus, your background shouldn’t be the talking point of your content.

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Be Mindful of Your Set Up

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Hand Held Phone Gimbal | Magnetic Phone Clamp

Now that you have your beautiful lighting and a simple background, now the real fun begins! It’s time to shoot our own content! When I’m generating my own content I use:

All of these tools are important so I can generate the best quality content the most efficiently.

Shooting with an iPhone or Smart Phone

When shooting with your iPhone or Smart Phone, be sure to know when and when NOT to use Portrait mode for your content. When shooting on an iPhone or Smart Phone, I highly recommend using a Ronin for a smooth glide in your content.

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Hand Held Phone Gimbal | Magnetic Phone Clamp

DO: When showcasing a product or the details of your content. For example, the details of your outfit or a product you’re showcasing.

DON’T: When trying to achieve a styled look or when creating a bokeh effect

PRO TIP: ALWAYS film and shook in 4K | 60 frames / second formatting. This format reduces the shaky look and creates a more elevated look.

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Hand Held Phone Gimbal | Magnetic Phone Clamp

Shooting with a Camera On Your Own

When shooting with a camera on your own, place a mirror behind the camera to see where you are in relation to the frame of the camera. OR use a camera (if accessible) that has a flip screen, this allows you to see yourself as you’re shooting content. To capture the shot, I use my Bluetooth Remote Clicker and place the remote either in my pocket or behind my back so you’re not able to see the remote. Like anything, with more repetition and practice, shooting content on your own will become more and more seamless.

My looks are provided by Southern Junkiez Boutique

Shop My Content Creation Essentials

Investing in the right tools is pertinent to generating the results you’re looking for. These are the professional photographer-approved equipment and tools to generate elevated, high-end content on your own. From ring lights to what camera I use, I am eager to share these items and hope they help you create beautiful content that converts!

Magnetic Phone Clamp | Mirrorless Nikon Z9 Camera | Ronin

Bluetooth Remote Control Clicker | Ring Light

Shop My Looks

I always encourage clients to shoot content in clothing that makes them feel their best because that energy and attitude translates into your content! I recommend using solid colors and minimal patterns to maintain an elevated and high-end look. My fabulous looks are provided by the Southern Junkiez boutique located in my hometown, Pilot Point, TX. Be sure to visit for some adorable looks!

I also LOVE wearing Amazon, Gibsonlook, and Target to name a few, for my sessions and in my everyday life. Remember, simple is best! Aim for solid colors and minimal patterns to achieve the elevated look you’re going for.

Kendra Scott Bracelet | Hoop Earrings | Steve Madden Pumps | White Denim | Black Top

As always, I hope these insights help you guide your business to the most success. I love assisting fellow entrepreneurs and content creators find their footing and capitalize on it. For more business insights and entrepreneur helpful tips, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter for these updates straight to your inbox and see some of my favorite blog posts below.

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