January 26, 2023

The Benefits of Going Live

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The Benefits of Going Live on Social Media Outlets and why it’s pertinent you should do so.

I am sharing with you tips on how to get the most out of your Live Streaming and when to go live for the best engagement. PLUS tips on how to elevate your Amazon Live, too!

Don’t just post and pray … Go live and THRIVE!!

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Content is king.. I always have to be on.. Be Consistent.. It’s overwhelming.. these are just a few of the words I hear on a regular basis. The demands of being readily available to generate a direct marketing stream to your customers and audience is a full time job within itself and it’s not for the faint of heart. TikTok , Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest even offer capabilities that allow you to live stream to your audience. I would love to ease your mind and say that yes there are businesses that thrive without using social media but I would like you to name one? In some form or way social media is the new TV and connection for everyone so the argument of not using social media should definitely be put to bed at this point, so now let’s organize your approach with ways to grow and engage your consumer and audience base. Going Live benefits you with increasing your visibility, authenticity, engagement, and it’s a form of networking that doesn’t have to have you physically in front of professionals in your industry or a large audience. Let’s not also forget the part about convenience you don’t have to leave your home or office to make this happen.

With all things I believe in generating a content calendar and structure for your live. In a sense just as you were promoting a live event on social media you need to promote your lives consistently so your audience knows when they can hop on and virtually meet you and ask those questions they have been dying to do so. From your accent to your body language clients have only seen so much of who you are….OKAY let’s pause…. I know you are feeling overwhelmed, I added another huge to do on your to do list as a boss as if you didn’t have enough already. This is what I call growing pains. I advise to delegate to elevate , this is not just a plug for my company AD Media Group , this is an honest advisement to delegate the tasks that align with your live and you only do the prep to be available to do the live.. so what does that delegation look like… Have your team/assistant/ or techy teenager design graphics to be promoting with leading up with ideal touch points for you what you want to discuss, add your live to your newsletter, and generate authentic stories and items that explain how your live will benefit them opening the option for you to request questions. I love going live, it’s a rush, and I truly enjoy it! It’s not to say leading up that I don’t get a little nervous as my expectations I hold for myself are high and I want there to be actionable steps my audience walks away with and comes back for.


A COST EFFECTIVE approach to be seen by a large audience at once. Not only does it notify everyone who follows that you are live it also allows you to save it as a “reel” on Instagram or in your feed of the platform you choose to go live on that benefits or grows your audience. It’s important to take steps to be consistent and become visible so you don’t fall into a low algorithm. Gone is the day of posting a lovely image with a viewing and interaction.

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APPEAL TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT and let them hear and see you the real you. Let them see your passion in real time. The curated videos, reels, and content are needed to carry your message but going live leaves the floor open for your clients to see you respond and act in real time. If the audience feels your heart and your message aligns with theirs you will see a growth and connection bud….but let’s talk about the hater a.k.a troll… their comments could be offsetting and how you handle this is key, you can ignore, or you can address but when those moments occur to me it’s satisfaction of knowing their not my client, and that’s ok . Shockingly not everyone loves Chick Fil a Sauce but you gave them the opportunity to discover if they do or do not that ultimately in the long run could detour you from the success you wish to have with your client’s success.


You can directly interact live with your audience and ideal client. Often time through our verbiage online and social media we are brief and just highlight touch points on services we offer. This allows you to dig in and share in detail your why and what your business has to offer. With this the length of your audience being connected will increase the engagement with that specific viewer and the algorithm will identify an increase in your favor.

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When you choose to go live and your cross connect with a guest or multiple guests it allows their audience to become yours. This mirrors a process on how we bring refer and connect professionals. I will have a friend or colleague introduce me to someone that feel they would make a great connection as they request a business card I give them my qr code or I simply share with them my Instagram. I don’t always feel it’s the best way but back in the day and they still do host events for people to network as the digital space wasn’t as accessible . Networking with others that have a larger audience puts you in front of a larger audience that begin to share their


  • FACEBOOK- Monday – Friday 1pm-3pm
  • INSTAGRAM- Monday – Friday 12pm, 7pm-9pm
  • TWITTER- Monday-Thursday 1pm-3pm
  • TIKTOK- Monday- Friday 9am-11am, anytime after 7pm
  • YOUTUBE- Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm
  • LINKEDIN- Monday-Friday 7am-9am, 5pm-7pm

Remember testing is key to what really works with your audience there are many factors that identify a great time for you to go live. I like to go live at lunch time it fits with my schedule and most of my clients have a lunch break to tune in and join. The evenings do not work well with my consistent presence so I do not offer this, if it does for you then your audience can be informed of your Live date ahead of time and you will create a structure that works best for you and yours. It’s always great to ask but give them options, don’t let it be a free for all give them two options and let them choose the options that you can fully commit to on a regular basis.


Another benefit of going live is MONETIZING! Amazon Live is a platform used similar to HSN or QVC where creators can livestream and showcase products in an interactive manner. The beauty of Amazon Lives is that the video streams will live on your Amazon Storefront even after your Live has ended. This is key as you can reshare your Lives and cut the streams to generate shorter video assets to use on your social outlets. I have been dipping my toe in the Amazon Live world and have been LOVING it! Not only do I enjoy learning more about new features within a platform, but I love digging in and finding out the nuances of how it all works. I always love to put myself in the position of my team members, clients, and other business owners to understand all the steps they have to take to move the needle.

For a recap on my Workwear Refresh Under $50 and all the office furniture and supplies to keep the AD Media Group, LLC office running, be sure to click below. I’m looking forward to sharing photography gear favorites with you in my next Amazon Live!

Amazon Live has the feature to go Live and directly stream from your Amazon Storefront, but there is an option to elevate your Amazon Lives with graphics, details, and links! I used the OBS Amazon Live build-out to generate all my assets for my Amazon Lives.



In all things new do a little at a time and give yourself grace. You don’t have to be perfect , learn as you go, remember being yourself and laughing at yourself is also a way to connect with your audience. Each time it will get easier and you will see through analytics what works best . A content calendar and structure for your live key to point your audience in a tapered direction to reach your goals you have set for your company. Here are a few other blogs I have curated ; The Importance of a Content Calendar, The Importance of Identifying Your Core Four, & How AD Media Group Can Elevate your Business that can assist with your Live Streaming structure & more.

I hope you find this blog post as a resource to help move your business in a forward motion to the goals you have set out. I am always here to assist in any way and I look forward to any questions or topics you would like to discuss.


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